X-Bc - a GUI to the shell calculator bc

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X-Bc (formerly: xbc) is a graphical user interface to the command line calculator bc. All Inputs and Outputs stays visible for editing and comparing. Functionality: trigonometry, number-theory, exponential funcs, scientific constants, primenumbers ...




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Timovy2007 - Timový projekt - tím �.14

Timový projekt 2007Zverejnená dokumentácia a zdrojové kódy sú (boli) vyvíjané v rámci predmetu Tvorba softvérového systému v tíme na FIIT STU v akademickom roku 2007/2008. Tvorivý riešiteľský tím projektu tvoria: Bc. Bartoš Ľuboš - web prezentácia projektu Bc. Cích Peter - projektový denník, grafika Bc. Fábik Pavol - grafika Bc. Garaj Ján - zadelovanie úloh, SVN Bc. Hergott Jozef - integrovanie �iastkových textov do hlavného dokumentu a formátovanie textov, správ

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Closures support for Java using dynamic Groovy evaluation.1 minute introduction:Lets have a look at the following code in Java: import static closures.Closures.*;...List list = asList(new User("Adam"), new User("Ola"), new User("Alex"));each(collect(list, "'Hello '+it.name"),"print it")will print: Hello AdamHello OlaHello AlexHow does it work?Expressions in double quotes "'Hello '+it.name" and "print it" are contents of a groovy closure, so: each(collect(list, "'Hello '+it"),"print it") would be

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Introductiongchartrb is a Ruby wrapper around the Google chart API located at http://code.google.com/apis/chart/ It provides a nice object oriented interface with friendly names, and methods to populate data. Then the data is automatically encoded and the URL can be generated. Features in the new release of Google Charts API are pending and should be implemented soon. Check out TodoList for a complete list. Download and InstallationThe simplest way to install gchartrb is via Rubygems gem install

Crunch - Advanced DXT texture compression and real-time transcoding library

crunch is an open source (ZLIB license) lossy texture compression library and command line compression tool for developers that distribute and use content in the DXT1/5/N or 3DC/BC5 compressed mipmapped GPU texture formats. It consists of a command line tool named "crunch", a compression library named "crnlib", and a single-header file, completely stand alone .CRN->DXTc transcoder C++ class located in inc/crn_decomp.h. crnlib's results are competitive to transform based recompression approaches,

Analysis-of-algorithms - Implementation of a 16-bit and 32-bit version of Karatsuba Multiplication A

B503 Project Draft version (Sept 15th 2010) Overview Your project is to write a fast routine that multiplies large non-negative integers. In addition, you must write a report describing the code, its performance, the theory behind its performance, and measurements that support your claims. By large, we mean that the code must be correct up to a million bits, though performance testing will focus more on thousands of bits. Scaffold code that uses the GMP (Gnu Multi-Precision) library for generati

Python-simpleencode - Simple python encoder/decoder for short strings given a salt useful for data o

simple encode decode with a private key, based on the base64 encode and decode. Initially developed for turning database ID's into URL's without exposing the ids in the url, or having a bot iterate over the values. Also useful for storing passwords which need to be converted back to clear text, in alphanumeric form given a secret word. This is NOT encryption nor a hash. This is NOT cryptographically safe. For that an SSL public/private key pair is preferred. For situations where the encoded stri

Msatcommander - locate microsatellite repeats, design locus-specific primers, and tag 'em

News06/25/2011: Added ability to input *.fna files. Fixed an error with microsat scanning that caused program to hang. 1.0.8 available in Downloads This is prerelease software - and you should use it carefully. Please report any bugs to the mailing list or directly to me. The binary version of msatcommander (available for download) is for OSX 10.6 and greater only. If you are using 10.5 or earlier, you will need to checkout the source code instead. Now, here's what it looks like: FeedbackIf you

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Emu's Encryption ToolReadme1. Whats this tool about?Emu's Encryption Tool is an application that encrypts text using polyalphabetic methods used in the middle ages. Because there are no mathematical functions or formulas the encrypted texts can't be cracked using bruteforce attacks or other password cracking methods used in IT security. The texts are encrypted with random codes and fixed passwords but can also be used as an One-Time-Pad (OTP) which uses extreme long random passwords and codes an

Wdtv-tagem - Tag 'em! - WDTV Live Hub meta data tagger for TV shows

As the WDTV Live Hub doesn't offer any good way to tag single episodes of TV shows, I wrote a perl script who does exactly that. I left all my code in one single script so you don't have to worry about modules. Nevertheless you'll need the following Perl modules from CPAN: IMDB::Film File::Basename Getopt::Long XML::Simple Please use the SVN repo to checkout the trunk. Tag 'em is really simple to use. You just point it to a directory where a season or a few episodes of the same show are located

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1. Introduction Py-graphic是一个使用python,monggodbå’Œnginxå¼€å�‘的简å�•çš„图片上传æœ�务,支æŒ�头åƒ�缩图生æˆ�(缩略图的大å°�å�¯ä»¥é…�置),附件图片的上传和压缩(指定上传图片的最大宽度,当超过的时候自动等比例压缩存储)等。上传图片使用post请求,请求的body中带有uidå’Œavatar或者attachå�‚æ•°å�³å�¯ã€‚ å¼€å�‘这个æœ�务的目的是想简化新网站æ�­å»ºçš„过程,将一些模å�—组件化,之å‰�å¼€å�‘çš„æ•�æ„Ÿè¯