x_batch for SPM2

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X_batch is a plugin for SPM2, which allows the user to create, store, exchange and execute custom batch scripts and record information into a Protege-based ontology.




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Lout batch document formatting system

Lout is a batch document formatter. It reads a high-level description of a document similar in style to LaTeX and produces a PostScript file which can be printed on most laser printers. Plain text and PDF output are also available.


Stand-alone application and Python tools for interactive and/or batch processing analysis of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectra. Graphical user interface (GUI) and batch processing capabilities provided.

Boling-for-batches - Plugin for Rails: A Better Way To Run Heavy Queries

Boling For Batches v1.0.2Plugin for RailsI often need to execute really large computations on really large data sets. I usually end up writing a rake task to do it, which calls methods in my models. But something about the process bugged me. Each time I had to re-implement my 'batching code' that allowed me to not chew up GB after GB of memory due to klass.find(:all, :include => [:everything_under_the_sun]). Re-implementation of the same logic over and over across many projects is not very DRY,

Batchfb - Java API for Facebook with automatic batching

Note: BatchFB 2.0 supports FB's new Graph Batch API and removes all support for the Old REST API. If you still require the Old REST API, use BatchFB v1.x. BatchFB is a Java library that provides a power-user's interface to Facebook's Graph API. Automatically groups requests into the minimum number of remote calls to Facebook: FQL queries are combined into a single multiquery. FQL and Graph requests are combined into a single Graph Batch API request. Provides a unified, coherent, and programmer-f

Hdtosd - Convert HD footage to SD using Ffmpeg

We used this code to convert Canon EOS 5D Mark II full HD footage in .mov source files into .mov files with SD resolution. The script was written in order to help batch conversion during the 48 hour film project. One must install python for this to work. 1920x1080 -> 768x440, we use 768 because it 720x576 actually uses distorted pixels and we wanted to avoid that piece of nonsense.

Javalin1 - Literate programming for Java.

JavaLiN uses an extended commenting syntax in Java to compile LaTeX documentation for your code. It features: - A simple to use commenting markup - Sectioned LaTeX report generation - Keyword system for highlighting important points - Variable index with type and location - Syntax highlighting of source code - Simple batch processing for large projects This project was originally a final year undergraduate project by James Stanier.

X3ME Systems

MixSoft is an application who open batch Operating Systems with one command!

Gnotedigitalorganizer - G-Note Digital Organizer

G-Note Digital OrganizerIs multi-platform graphic application for support Genius G-Note products like G-Note 7100 written in Java. FeaturesSupport for Books and Papers Books renaming Conversion of DNP files to SVG Batch export to SVG files Export to PNG, JPEG, TIFF Available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X Screenshots

Troia - Batch ILLiad request and research reference tools

Troia is a set of graphical and command line tools for automating university interlibrary loan requests from various reference sources (BibTeX, RIS, DOI lookups, etc..) as well as perform some known fixes on glitched reference data from various sources.

Rest-client - Java application to test RESTful webservices.

AboutRESTClient is a Java application to test RESTful webservices. It can be used to test variety of HTTP communications. From version 2.3, it has two executable Jars: GUI version (restclient-ui-X.jar download) Cli version for batch execution of .rcq files (restclient-cli-X.jar download) Resources Using SSL in RESTClient Tutorial by @wadewomersley. Testing RESTful WebServices Made Easy Article by @subwiz which was published in Linux for You May 09 edition. Article License. Dustin Marx has writte