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multiXFinder is an Application Switcher Menu for Mac OS X. Additional features: disable the Spotlight menu on per user basis, Always bring to front all windows, Full Screen Mode, Stop/Resume Application and per application windows and Dock Rules system.



Related Projects

LuxAsm - the luxurious assembler

LuxAsm is an integrated x86 assembly language development environment for Linux and XFree86.

Arcaneos - ArcaneOS is a free operating system for the x86 platform.

ArcaneOS is a free operating system for the x86 platform. It is currently being developed in C and ASM.

Pyasmxml - python binding for asmxml

Project includes: C++ Wrapper for AsmXml C++ Wrapper Test Python 2.5 Binding based on boost::python. AsmXml is a very fast XML parser and decoder for x86 platforms written in pure assembler.

Quark-os - a simple os running on x86

this is a simple os running on x86, similar with linux 0.11, I wrote it for studying.

Buddios - BuddiOS

Codename: BuddiOS A project for learning purposes. Learn how the Hardware and Software are working together and get a bit better understanding of asm code.

AsmHighlighter - x86 ASM Syntax Highlighting AddIn for Visual Studio

AsmHighlighter is an extension to Visual Studio 2008 that provides syntax highlighting for x86 ASM language. MASM and NASM syntaxes are supported.

AsmLibx - small, fast x window library

AsmLibx is a text window library for X windows. It talks directly to x server and does not use xlib. It is written in assembler for x86 processors and uses a simple interface. The goal of AsmLibx is to be fast, small, and easy to use.

Gens-rerecording - Genesis emulator for the TAS community

The Gens rerecording project, a Sega Genesis, 32x, Sega CD emulator. The primary purpose is to expand features related to creating Tool-Assisted movies. Movie.gmv movie file format