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BTTornado is an improved client for the Bittorrent an ABC which supports queueing system with priority, global and local preference setting for downloading torrent, 3 upload options to do with completed file



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Canorus is a free cross-platform music score editor. It supports an unlimited number and length of staffs, polyphony, a MIDI playback of notes, chord markings, lyrics, import/export filters to formats like MIDI, MusicXML, ABC Music, MusiXTeX and LilyPond

Abc2esac - ABC to EsAC Converter

abc2esac - Convert ABC to EsAC formatIntroductionabc2esac converts music from ABC format into EsAC (Essen Associative Code) format. It makes use of two components of the Melisma project to segment the converted melodies into phrases: Meter and Grouper. FeaturesBecause the EsAC format has less expressive power than ABC, only a subset of the information stored in ABC format is actually transferred into EsAC code. Currently, abc2esac recognizes the following ABC features: subset of ABC version 1.6,

Erlstream - stream processing module for Erlang

This module contains functions for binary string (called stream) processing in erlang. example: %% Return <<"lo Wo">> stream:sub_stream(<<"Hello World">>, 4, 8). %% Return <<"Hello">> stream:strip(<<"...Hello.....">>, both, $.). %% Return [<<"abc">>, <<"def">>, <<"ghi">>, <<"jkl">>] stream:tokens(<<"abc defxxghix jkl">>, <<"x ">>).

Lh-abc - Enhanced Multi Platform BitTorrent Client

Project is no longer maintained!OverviewLH-ABC is a BitTorrent Client based on ABC. It extends it with many useful features like: RSS, Search, Command scheduler, More flexible UI, Core improvements and much more! Download Windows Mac OS X Ubuntu Linux / Source Code NewsMay 8, 2008: LH-ABC released (DHT bugfix). May 7, 2008: LH-ABC released. Current releaseCurrent stable version is Current svn version is

Pattwo - A drop-in replacement for java&#39;s regex engine

Package pattwo is a new, from scratch, regular expression implementation that conforms (mostly) to the interface established by java.util.regex. Some differences include: No stack overflows or out of memory errors. Ever. No backwards searches, i.e. (?<=X), (?<!X) No && inside entities, e.g. [[abc]&&[def]]. Only simple perl-type entity descriptions. Matcher can take a Reader object. Package name. To use it, replace "import java.util.regex.*" with "import com.stevenrbrandt.ubiq2.v4.pattwo.*".

Revex - C# regex reverser.

Given a regular expression, Revex can generate a string that will match it. Test Results^abc$ > abc : pass\\Aa > a : passz\\Z > z : passz\\z > z : passz\\z > z : pass\\G\\(a\\) > \\(a\\) : passab\\b > ab : passa\\Bb > ab : pass\\a > : pass[\\b] > : pass\\t > \\t : pass\\r > \\r : pass\\v > ♂ : pass\\f > \\f : pass\ > \ : pass\\e > � : pass\\141 > a : pass\\x61 > a : pass\\cC > ♥ : pass\\u0061 > a : pass\\\\ > \\\\ : pass[abc] > a : pass[^abc] > í : pass[a-z] > a : pass. > ² : pass\\w > z

Pytyp - Pythonic type metadata; declarative JSON and YAML transcoding

Pytyp uses ABCs and function annotations in a consistent, pythonic way that supports declarative APIs - instead of saying how to do something, you have the ability to say what you want. Full documentation and install instructions at Pytyp includes: A basic set of type specifications for describing collections of data, closely integrated into the language: >>> isinstance([1,2,None,4], Seq(Opt(int))) TrueA decorator that type-checks functions:: >>> def str_only(x:str):

Closures - Closures support for java using dynamic groovy evaluation

Closures support for Java using dynamic Groovy evaluation.1 minute introduction:Lets have a look at the following code in Java: import static closures.Closures.*;...List list = asList(new User("Adam"), new User("Ola"), new User("Alex"));each(collect(list, "'Hello '"),"print it")will print: Hello AdamHello OlaHello AlexHow does it work?Expressions in double quotes "'Hello '" and "print it" are contents of a groovy closure, so: each(collect(list, "'Hello '+it"),"print it") would be

Sing - Sing songs with the Mac OS X Speech Synthesizer

A command-line utility that makes the Mac text-to-speech voices sing tunes. You specify the melody in ABC notation. Syllables are automatically matched to the notes. Slurred notes are sung on one syllable. Usage: perl [opts] [melody] [lyrics...] (melody in abc notation, enclosed in quotes if necessary) -l file read lyrics from file -m file read melody from file -n number shift pitch by half-steps -o number shift pitch by octaves -p print tone command instead of singing -t number multiply

Entitiesdatabase - An entity model database engine

An entity model database engine. Entry: <entityId, attributeName, value> Query: Datalog Engine: BerkeleyDB Language: Java Commands list:help: shows the commands listgui: opens a graphic interfaceexit: closes the applicationadd_examples: fills the database with example datadump: prints the database contentput_random: generate random data to fill the databasecout: prints the number of entities stored$x(...):-$x(...): Follow some examples(Like in a shell, you can get your last command with the up a