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wxPerl is a Perl distribution wrapping the wxWidgets GUI toolkit (www.wxwidgets.org)




Related Projects

Tpda3 (Tiny Perl Database Application 3)

Tpda3 is a classic desktop database application framework and run-time, written in Perl. Has PerlTk and (experimental) wxPerl support for the GUI part and Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite and CUBRID (new) support for the RDBMS. Tpda3 is the successor of TPDA and, hopefully, has a much better API implementation. The look and the user interface functionality of Tpda3 is almost the same as of TPDA, with some minor improvements.

Wxperlsimplethread - Wx::Perl::SimpleThread

Simplified thread model for use with wxPerl

Pzd - An English to Chinese dictiontary written by using perl and wxPerl

Perl plus wxPerl Crossplatform (Linux and Windows) Online dictionary query. Get word definitions from online website such as www.dictionary.com, www.stardict.com, www.dict.cn, www.iciba.com etc. Translate words by mouse selection.

Edu-flashcards - Modular cross-platform gui flashcard application.

Edu-Flashcards is an educational application meant as an aid for the process of learning, training and reinforcing the knowledge about information that can be represented in the form of flashcards. Originally it focuses on answer entry by keyboard, but multiple choice options are planned.

HWX - The Perl IDE

IDE for portables GUI applications in Perl. Works with wxPerl (wxWindows), GML (GUI Markup Language) and HPL.

Videobox Media Player

Play video's on your TV controlled by your Squeezebox RC. A remote controlled Windows Media Player. Especially suited for control by the wonderful Squeezebox or SliMP3 MP3 player devices, but a GUI RC application is bundled. Written in wxPerl.

Treesample - Algorithms for sampling evolutionary models of speciation

TreeSample IntroductionThis package contains evolutionary models of speciation for phylogenetic trees and algorithms for sampling from these models. The initial set of algorithms available in this package corresponds to those in: Sampling trees from evolutionary models Klaas Hartmann, Dennis Wong, Tanja Gernhard Systematic Biology, in press The project consists of (i) a Perl package called Bio::Phylo::EvolutionaryModels and (ii) a GUI for this called TreeSample. TreeSample GUIThe TreeSample GUI

Dcexplorer - Divide & Conquer client software

dcExplorer is a multi-platform client software for Divide & Conquer web-based MMO strategy game. Supported OSes (untested in italic): Windows 2000, XP, Vista Linux MacOS X Programming language: perl. 3-rd party components used: wxWidgets, wxPerl, various CPAN modules.

Wx-Ext - Parametrized WxPerl factory for started

Parametrized WxPerl factory for started