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wxLua is a Lua scripting language wrapper for the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. It consists of executables for editing, running, and debugging wxLua scripts, a library for extending C++ programs with a fast, small, fully embeddable scripting language, and a variety of sample programs. With wxLua you can quickly write full-featured programs with graphics, networking, printing, etc. for MS Windows, Linux, and OSX.




Related Projects

Luafltk - FLTK bindings to the lua language

This is another effort to have a FLTK binding to the LUA language, it uses a modified tolua++ to generate the bindings and some hand code for special cases. The lua language is based on 5.1.4 plus some patches, some of the from the AGENA language (another LUA variant). The FLTK also is a slight modified 1.3 with printing support. It also comes with sqlite3 included. Also some code and ideas from murgaLua project, wxlua project. A more complete list of software and contributors will follow. Main

Estrela Editor

Estrela Editor is a wxLua based IDE. It supports multiple fileformats, quot;apiquot; for autocompletion and tooltips, and custom commandline tools. Focus is extensibility for target applications using Lua. Its main purpose is as IDE for the 3D engine Luxinia.

Avocadicide - IDE for Guacamole

Avocadicide is an Integrated Development Environment for developing Guacamole projects, written using wxLua.

Phonecom - Phone COM communicator

Phonecom still in developing,have no release version now. Phone communicator is a PC tool to send/backup SMS,backup phonebook via rs232 COM port using AT command. It is write in pure lua. Need wxlua/luars232/luatask/stdlib and so on. It is cross platform,will be tested in windows/linux.

Timprojectenchanter - Tim the Project Enchanter is a general project wizard using Subversion and a s

Tim the Project Enchanter is know as "Tim" for short. Tim puts the big nasty teeth in project generation. Tim is a wxLua based GUI tool that allows users to store project templates in Subversion, then grab the template and fill in supported template arguments. After that Tim will commit the new project to another Subversion location. P.S. Named after The Holy Grail "Tim the Enchanter" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZJZK6rzjns

Dramaticgames - Researches to create games with interactive meaningful theme exploration

See my blog http://dramaticgames.blogspot.com to get more context about this research prototype. The current prototype is extremely simple and primitive; it’s just a text based key/door puzzles JIT synthesizer. You can just click on buttons to do three possible actions: move to room, pickup keys and open doors. The implicit goal is to visit each room of the house. At each program execution, the doors will be locked differently. The keys’ locations also change at each run. The goal of this pr

Luaforwindows - Installation of Lua for the Windows operating systems including many lua libraries.

OverviewLua for Windows is a 'batteries included environment' for the Lua scripting language on Windows. Lua for Windows (LfW) combines Lua binaries, Lua libraries with a Lua-capable editor in a single install package for the Microsoft Windows operating system. LfW contains everything you need to write, run and debug Lua scripts on Windows. A wide variety of libraries and examples are included that are ready to use with Microsoft Windows. LfW runs on Windows 2000 and newer versions of Windows. L


wxLua is a lua scripting language wrapper around the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. It consists of an executable for running standalone wxLua scripts and a library for extending C++ programs with a fast, small, fully embeddable scripting language