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The wxHaskell project implements a binding from the portable GUI library wxWidgets to Haskell.




Related Projects


wxC provides a C binding to the wxWidgets libraries in order to provide a unique code base to other projects (e.g. wxEiffel, wxHaskell).

Argh! interpreter in wxHaskell

An interpreter for the Argh! esoteric programming language in wxHaskell. The program allows one to load, edit, save, validate and run Argh! programs. It currently supports all commands except 'e' and 'E'. Documented using Haddock.

Wxwidgets-vista - wxwidgets build on vista for wxhaskell

1. wxwidgets is built with mingw which is included in strawberry-perl- on vista, for wxhaskell 2. steps to install wxhaskell a) copy wx-config to your PATH, b) set env WXWIN=c:\\wxWidgets WXCFG=gcc_dll\\mswu CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=C:\\strawberry\\c\\include\\c++\\3.4.5;C:\\strawberry\\c\\include\\c++\\3.4.5\\mingw32;C:\\strawberry\\c\\include\\c++\\3.4.5\\backward;C:\\msys\\1.0\\include; C_INCLUDEDE_PATH=C:\\strawberry\\c\\include;C:\\msys\\1.0\\include; c) cabal install wx 3. solve the comc

Pssat - PSSAT - Protein Secondary Structure Alignment Tool

An open source tool for aligning two proteins, using secondary structure output predicted by PSIPRED. Developed in Haskell, using wxHaskell for GUI. Produces a visual global or local alignment of two proteins, using the following novel techniques: Uses confidence intervals returned by PSIPRED to determine match scores Affine gap penalty - alignments prefer long, continuous gaps over many short gaps Includes original amino acid sequence for reference Output in HTML format to aid in visualization,


A library to automatically create GUI forms, using WxHaskell and quot;Scrap Your Boilerplatequot; generics.

xtc - eXtended & Typed Controls for wxHaskell

eXtended & Typed Controls for wxHaskell

BowShooting - 2D game with wxHaskell

2D game with wxHaskell

wxAsteroids - (patches) a demo game in wxHaskell

(patches) a demo game in wxHaskell

debug-wx - Sample files to help debug a wxHaskell installation

Sample files to help debug a wxHaskell installation

GemsGame - wxHaskell gem stacking game

wxHaskell gem stacking game