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wx2000 is a data retrival program for the Weather data logger ws2000, ws7000 (and compatible)




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wxChecksums is a program which calculates and verifies checksums. wxChecksums is able to read and write files in SFV and MD5 format. It is available for Windows 2000/XP and Linux.

Edkgen - A Cross-Platform ED2K Link Creator

edkgenThe edkgen is a edonkey2000 link creator written in python. It can be run on the any platform which support python. UseageThe script ed2k.py was based on python-crypto. You can install it in debian by the follow command: apt-get install python-cryptoGet the file's ed2k link by the command: python ed2k.py filenameThere is a console version and a GUI verson. The GUI version is based on wxPython and using the console one as an engine.

Dicompyler - Extensible radiation therapy research platform and viewer for DICOM and DICOM RT

dicompyler is an extensible open source radiation therapy research platform based on the DICOM standard. It also functions as a cross-platform DICOM RT viewer. dicompyler is written in Python and is built on a number of technologies including: pydicom, wxPython, PIL, and matplotlib and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Take a tour of dicompyler by checking out some screenshots or download your own copy today. Latest News:January 1st, 2012 - dicompyler 0.4.1-1 ReleasedImportant: Please downloa

Quickscreenshots - QuickScreenShots aims at making and using screenshots as quick and efficient as p

Take screenshots of the full screen, of the active window or of a custom region, apply it effects such as adding a drop down shadow or making it black & white, copy it to the clipboard and save it on disk, only in one step. Then, draw on it if needed. FeaturesFull desktop, active window or custom region screenshot Pixel precise region screenshot with use of magnifying glass and arrow keys Include mouse cursor in screenshots Multi screen capture Delay screenshots Auto save with incremental file n

Eptidy - TV Episode Tidier - A program to flexibly organise your TV episodes

What does it do?Tidy up all your tv episodes. Rename and move your files in the way and location of your choice. Downloads episode names from imdb and renames them in the format you specify all from a cross platform native looking gui. Easily extended and editable to support other tv shows. Eptidy supports proxy setting. How to use eptidyEptidy manages your collection of TV episodes by scanning their file names, determining season and episode numbers, and retrieving the corresponding episode nam

Tianyaservmanager - 天涯�务器管�系统(C/S版)

一个用于管ç�†æœ�务器的è¿�维软件,å�¯ä»¥å¾ˆæ–¹ä¾¿ç®¡ç�†ä¸Šå�ƒå�°Linuxæœ�务器。 一ã€�å¼€å�‘包Clientpython 2.5 + wxpython2.8+ rpyc3.0+ psyco 1.6+ MySQLdb ConfigParser pywin32 for py2.5 (windows only) Serverfunc certmaster cfengine mysql5.0+ rpyc3.0+ 二ã€�支æŒ�å¹³å�°Windows xp/2000/2003 Linux2.6+ MacOS 三ã€�角色分é…�客户端 æœ�务器端 å››ã€�功能特点跨平å�°ã€�分级管ç�†ã€�实时监控ã€�å�Šæ—¶æŠ¥è­¦ã€�远程æ“�作ã€�å�¯æ‰©å±•æ€§ã€�在线å�‡çº§ã€�安全å�¯é�  五ã€�ç

Dcexplorer - Divide & Conquer client software

dcExplorer is a multi-platform client software for Divide & Conquer web-based MMO strategy game. Supported OSes (untested in italic): Windows 2000, XP, Vista Linux MacOS X Programming language: perl. 3-rd party components used: wxWidgets, wxPerl, various CPAN modules.

wabacus['wæbəkəs]框架---------JAVA通用快速开�平�(The Rapid Platform For J2EE Deve

Wabacus框架采用é�¢å�‘声明的开å�‘模å¼�,å�¯ä»¥ä¸�用编程或æž�少编程å�³å�¯å®žçŽ°å¤�æ�‚çš„æ•°æ�®å±•ç¤ºï¼Œæ•°æ�®ç¼–辑,表å�•å¤„ç�†ç­‰åŠŸèƒ½ï¼Œå°†J2EEçš„å¼€å�‘效率æ��高5å€�以上,代ç �å‡�å°‘60%以上。 说明: Wabacus框架是一个完整的J2EEå¼€å�‘框架,æ��供完整的å‰�å�Žå�°æœ�务,所以与JQuery,Ext等纯客户端框架ä¸�å�Œï¼Œå®ƒèƒ½å®žçŽ°å®Œæ•´çš„SSH框架实现的功能,但是开å�‘效率比SSH框架快好几å€�ï¼› Wabacus框架对项目没有任何侵å…

Hzdq - 汉字大全(Dictonary of all Chinese Hanzi Character)

功能特点支�Unihan最新版本5.2的所有74394个汉字查询。 大多具有拼音,部分具有�鲜谚文,�鲜罗马字,日语音读,日语训读,或越�音标。 部分支�五笔,仓颉,四角��,郑�,��,笔画数,笔顺查询。 部分具有英语解释。 Unicode 里汉字字�包括汉日�统一表�字( CJK �汉统, 20940 个(GBK收录其中20902个);汉日�统一表�字扩充甲( Ext-A �扩甲, 6582 个)(以上为

Gnuleaf - A simple to use computer repair program for the masses

GnuLeaf is an open source project written in C++ and a GUI designed in WxSmith. GnuLeaf does exactly as the name states, making your computer turn a “new leaf". GnuLeaf plans to include several fixes to common problems encountered on Windows PCs. This would include network repair, virus and spyware scanning, deleting temporary files, and running a disk check for errors. GnuLeaf is very easy to use with only two options. Automatic Scan and a Custom Scan. Just hit automatic scan and it will repa