Wushu Judging

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Judging program used in Wushu Tournaments Features - 1) Includes helper program to read registration data from SQL 2) Allows both Traditional and Nandu based judging 3) Java program that uses TCP/IP and openGL 3) Creates final result summary of the tournament




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Aerobatic Contest Registration System

An online registration system for aerobatic contests that supports basic registration, student registration, team registration, judge voting, volunteer role selection, practice slot reservation, and on-line payment via PayPal.

DOMjudge programming contest jury system

DOMjudge is an automated judge system to run programming contests. Both team and jury side interfaces are web based, with a command line submit tool available as well. It is written in PHP, shell-script and C/C++ and needs MySQL and a webserver.


Foresight.js gives webpages the ability to tell if the user's device is capable of viewing high-resolution images (such as the 3rd generation iPad) before the image is requested from the server. Additionally, it judges if the user's device currently has a fast enough network connection for high-resolution images. Depending on device display and network connectivity, foresight.js will request the appropriate image for the webpage.

jDip: A Diplomacy Mapper and Judge

jDip is a tool for mapping, managing, and adjudicating Diplomacy games. It has a simple but powerful graphical interface, with a richly customizable map display. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris are supported. Over 25 variants are supported.

Firemox, Turn Based Strategy Game

Magic:The Gathering over LAN or Internet, alone or against another player (need IP of your opponent). The program is the judge : you play with the true rules. Firemox can also emulate another TBS. Written in Java, works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

I2c-wushu - An I2C prototyping tool for the Arduino

With I2C Wushu for the Arduino you will be able to communicate without any kind of programming with the slaves. This way you can learn faster how to use it, as no programming, uploading code, correcting code, etc. is involved. Just run and play! Go to the new Google Code project page: http://code.google.com/p/ardubus/

Lambda-judge - Lambda Judge is an alternative to PC^2

Lambda Judge is an automated judge system to run programming contests. It has a mechanism to submit problem solutions, have them judged fully automatically and provides a web interfaces for admin, jury and teams

Filia-judge-online - An ACM/ICPC Judge Online System

Project Name: Filia's Judge OnlineAn ACM/ICPC Judge Online SystemWritten In Python ,using Karrigell