Wireless Universal Resource File

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With the possible exception of quot;verticalquot; applications (i.e. applications or site that only work on one specific type of device), content providers need to identify the devices with which users access their sites and services (i.e. Device Detection). This is typically made through a DDR, or Device Description Repository, i.e. a software component which can map the HTTP request generated by s mobile device, to a description of the features supported by that device. WURFL, a popular open-source DDR, has addressed the problem for over 10 years. WURFL addresses the most disparate needs, from large enterprise installation with strict performance and reliability requirements, to regular companies who need a solution that is simple to deploy, integrate and customize. WURFL can detect internet-enabled mobile phones, PDAs, all kinf of handsets and any kind of HTTP client, including tablets and SmartTVs. WURFL is provided by ScientiaMobile, Inc., Reston, Virginia.




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Apache Mobile Filter

Apache Mobile Filter is the easiest way to detect mobile devices. AMF is a suite of tools that allow access to a Device Repository (such as WURFL, DetectRight, 51Degrees.mobi or the free AMF service) directly from Apache: now you can detect devices no matter what language your website uses.

Django-wurfl - Django pluggable to detect automatically mobile devices browsing a site, using WURFL

SummarySimilar to tera-wurfl for PHP, but ported to python, for django framework. Moved to github.

Perl-mobile-wurfl - Mobile::Wurfl - a perl module interface to WURFL (the Wireless Universal Resourc

Mobile::Wurfl is a perl module that provides an interface to mobile device information represented in wurfl (http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/). The Mobile::Wurfl module works by saving this device information in a database (preferably mysql).It offers an interface to create the relevant database tables from a SQL file containing "CREATE TABLE" statements (a sample is provided with the distribution). It also provides a method for updating the data in the database from the wurfl.xml file hosted at ht

Tera-wurfl - Mobile Device Identification with PHP and MySQL

Tera-WURFLA high-speed database driven WURFL implementation in PHP. Tera-WURFL 2 uses advanced detection heuristics in conjunction with the WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File) to identify the capabilities of mobile devices. Based on the Java WURFL implementation, Tera-WURFL adds a persistent MySQL caching engine that keeps your server running at top speed with very low CPU usage. Also available is an XML web service that lets you create one central device detection database and deploy many

Wurflbrowser - A Java GAE project to allow interactive browsing of the WURFL

The WURLF project at http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/ is some awesome and much appreciated work by Luca Passani, Filippo De Luca and others who have contributed to it. From the WURFL sourceforge info page: "The WURFL file contains information regarding wireless devices' configurations, capabilities and features. The main scope of this file is to collect as many information as we can about all the existing wireless devices that access WAP pages." I've always thought it would be really handy to be ab

Jeemobile - Suite of utilities to ease enterprise mobile development

Provides a suite of utilities for JEE applications to support mobile content authoring. These utilities are bought to you by Lucaya

Djangobile - Django Mobile Extension

Djangobile, Django Mobile ExtensionAbstractDjangobile is a django mobile extension for rendering web pages according to device capabilities. Therefore djangobile offers an implementation for W3C Working Draft IDEAL (Interface DEscription Authoring Language). Note: This software is a bit old, so perhaps it may doesn't work properly with new versions of Django.. DependenciesRequiredPyWURFL (pywurfl-6.4.0b). A Python language package that makes dealing with the WURFL in Python a little easier. Spec

Mobilesiteos - Variable display size mobile website software using Perl, JavaScript, HTML5

MobileSiteOSâ„¢ BasicThe primary goal of this project is to advance the development of adjustable display size websites, sometimes called the "One Web". Since mobile and tablet devices come in many display configurations, we will explore the possibilities of providing more appropriately sized HTML5 output through the use of variable page size display, adapted for a user's particular device. This is sometimes referred to as 'mobile content adaptation'. Perl Mobile Website ScriptI call my process

Konektocom - Mobile virtual guide, Mobile 2dcode hunt

Welcome to konekto.com mobile web application !They have common framework. Whole functionality is accessible via mobile phone. Information about device capabilities and features are provided by WURFL Mobile virtual guide is a web application which allow you to create virtual tour . You can add text decryption , image , sound, video stream and YouTube clips. Site location are displayed using google maps static. You can generate 2d codes to mark site. Mobile user can scan code and see site detaile