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This AI intensive game revolves around natural language communication between the user and one or more agents. The theme of the game revolves around the classic Wumpus game concept, implemented with a graphical isometric view.




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Be The Wumpus

Be The Wumpus is an audio only game in which you are a wumpus -- a blind cave dwelling creature who subsists on meals of unlucky cave wanderers.

Msi-wumpus - AI algorithm controlling Wumpus like game.

Java implementation of Wumpus game with extra feature - player has a bag with soil to cover holes. Game is controlled by AI algorithm.

Ai-wumpus-world - AI Wumpus World Agent

AI Agent that roams the world of the Wumpus in search for the gold.

Bccmundodewumpus - Mundo de Wumpus

Trabalho de IA da turma de BCC 2007. Mundo de Wumpus

Terminator-ai-for-stay-alive-game - This is a class project.

This is class project for A.I. course held over at Mannheim University. The terminator-AI for stay alive game is AI logic for a game where you need to avoid killer robots from killing the player. Kind of like Wumpus World, except the mobs can move. The stay alive game is being done while the AI for it is being done, so they are in concurrent developement. About the game:- Has two sides: Human Survivor and Killer Robot. - Is turn based. - Has only two dimensions: x & y. - Human and computer may o

Tewnta - Robocup Small Size League (SSL) F180 Simulator

This project is a software simulator for the Robocup Small Size League (SSL) also known as F180. This project is supposed to be a good, simple, easy to use, free, open source simulator for the Robocup F180 league. A lot of work has been done, and it already has much of the capabilities someone would need to develop a good F180 team. Its ultimate objective is to serve as a common benchmark platform for SSL team developpers to be used outside the Robocup competitions. Feel free to join us in impro

Wumpus2d - Wumpus 2D

Problema de wumpus da disciplina de Inteligência Artificial. Ambiente que roda um agente que tem como objetivo encontrar o ouro e sair do cenário.

Wumpusworld001 - C++ OpenGL Qt4 World of Wumpus

Implementation of World of Wumpus using QT4, C++ and OpenGL. This is my Final Project for my Carreer and it is over. Version for: - MAC OS X Leopard - Microsoft Windows XP / Vista - GNU/Linux GNOME

Copperbox - Incubator for various projects

Copperbox is the home of Wumpus, plus an incubator for various smaller projects, tools and libraries that I want under version control. Contents Wumpus Pure Haskell PostScript and SVG drawing. Wumpus-Core, the low-level SVG and PostScript generation library is on Hackage, it is quite mature and the API is now stable although it is somewhat primitive regarding drawing. Wumpus-Basic and Wumpus-Drawing add a higher level drawing model and font metrics, plus substantial functionality for producing b