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Wto-informals - A web app to track, analyze and understand "informal" WTO meetings

The World Trade Organization has many informal groupings of members (countries). These groups meet in "informals" to discuss and advance policy. wto-informals is a project to pull together all information for tracking these meetings, including tagging, queries, topic tracking, linking to documents, releases and news articles about meetings, and helping correlate this information with basic statistical information, like countries' populations, GDP & trade statistics, Human Development Index, etc.

Streaming-pickle - A streaming version of Python pickle

What is it?streaming-pickle allows you to save/load a sequence of Python data structures to/from disk in a streaming (incremental) manner, thus using far less memory than regular pickle. When is it useful?streaming-pickle is useful for any ad-hoc data processing task involving a linear sequence of records. For example, let's say you write a script A to perform some analysis and then dump 1 million records to disk in some textual format, with each record taking up one line. Then you write another

Team18 - Project Management System

For the last 30 years’ reform and opening up of china, the economy and urban infrastructure have made a big change. The project management model was form from the Soviet model and the character of planned economy time of china, which means the design and construction of units form the situation in themselves’ way. At the same time, because of the strong supervise power from Chinese government, as well as the major large-scale public projects carried out their major investment by government,