Windows Template Library (WTL)

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Windows Template Library (WTL) is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It extends ATL (Active Template Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, frame windows, GDI objects, and more.



Related Projects


SmartWin++ is a C++ template GUI library written to give the flexibility of the Windows API without the hassle and lack of typesafety that MFC/WTL delivers. A flexible, expandable abstraction of the Windows API (formerly Win32 API).


Woof - Windows Object Orientated Framework

The Windows Object Orientated Framework is a package of C++ classes designed to make creating performance critical application quicker and easier. MFC and ATL/WTL aren't regularily updated and don't provide a complete solution for C++ Windows developers. The WOOF project aims to allow users to rapidly develop Windows applications with the power of native code.


Extension library to WTL (a lightweight Win32 wrapper) with a number of useful UI controls and WTL-like wrappers around some other open source libraries.

Snaplog - Photo Blogging software

Photo Blogging software. One click publishing of your photoblog! Requirements: Windows XP or higher web site with FTP access

Winx - WinxGui - A C++ GUI Template Library

IntroductionWinxGui (abbreviated to WINX) focus the goal: MOST SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE. It is a C++ template GUI library that easy to use, and compatible to WTL. WTL is an effective Windows GUI library. However, it is not SIMPLE. WINX support WYSIWYG window GUI development. If you want to contribute to WinxGui Library, Take a look at our task list. News2009-04-19: Release winx-2.3.01, boost-memory-2.3.01, stdext-2.3.01, tpl-2.3.01Please download winx-2.3.01 from here, download boost-memory-2.3.01,

Libertv - Video distribution platform

LiberTV 1.0 is a video distribution platform, written in C++ for Windows. The executable can be downloaded from Main features: BitTorrent downloads (using libtorrent) Universal video player (supports all known video formats, file-based or streaming). Uses VLC, xvid, Flash or Windows Media embedding. HTML/JavaScript -based user interface RSS Feed Reader, manager, podcast downloader. Technologies:LiberTV is written in C++ with ATL/WTL (Visual Studio 2005). Parts of the inter

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