Web Widget Toolkit

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Web Widget Toolkit (WTK): Server-side components for easily creating web-based user interfaces with complex navigation.




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Moonphase4mobile - Moon Phase Calculator For Mobile Phone

Simple implementation of the "Moon Phase Calculator" for a J2ME compliant mobile phone. Java Web Start Micro Emulator. This is a screenshot sample from the Sun WTK 2.5.2 Emulator:

Gtmobile - A client of Google Talk that run on java phones.

GTMobile is a client of Google Talk that run on java phones. Current release has been tested under SUN WTK 2.5beta. It requires CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 support. Such phones like Nokia N70, Moto E680, SE W800, etc. GTMobile can automatically resize for any size of screen but not tested on real phones because I don't have such java phones. Here is snapshot on SUN WTK 2.5: Anyone who test this client on real phones please send me a snapshot, thanks!

Ardroneme - Java (J2ME) based AR.Drone Controller - by MAPGPS

ARDroneME is a Java (J2ME) based application to control your AR.Drone via WiFi using a Smart Phone device. Requirements to the Phone device: - WiFi - Java (J2ME) CLDC-1.1 + MIDP-2.0 I tested it on my Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) phone. WM6 does not come with Java support as default, so I installed a Java Emulator JavaFX1.2: http://www.javafx.com/downloads/mobile/javafx_mobile1.2_windows.zip Someone reported to have tested it OK on a Symbian phone which has Java support as default. Here is the direct l

Crazygolf - A touch screen based crazy golf game

This is a Java-based crazy golf game (also called "mini golf" where I come from) for mobile devices with a touch screen supporting CLDC-1.1 and MIDP 2.0 with a HVGA screen resolution (320x480). The game is currently in beta. Here are some screenshots of the game: The game currently offers one 18-hole golf course called "fannies world". The game also comes with an editor that allows you to design your own golf courses on your PC. Here's a screenshot of that (click here for a larger version): Unfo

Mochalua - A J2ME implementation of the Lua scripting language

About MochaluaIn mid 2008, the company Groundspeak, Inc. had a need to convert Lua to J2ME for a GPS-based gaming platform where custom location-based adventures are built in Lua. Groundspeak worked with Nikitova to complete this project and Groundspeak now maintains and improves on the code base. This is the resulting code that has been made open source under the MIT License. The hope is that others will support and continue to improve the code to support mobile device development with Lua. Ass

Redjey - Graphics User Interface library for J2ME platform designed to meet the needs of developers

RedJeyThis is a Graphics User Interface library for J2ME platform designed to meet the needs of developers in attractive user interface with support of windows, custom visual styles, animation and touchscreen navigation. Distributed under the terms of GNU Lesser General Public License. Who is it for?RedJey is for developers of applications for J2ME platform. It offers a lot of stuff that is missing in standart user interface wich realized by different vendor on their own so looks and feels diffe

J2megf - Very very simple J2ME Game Framework

Very very simple J2ME Game Framework with SplashScreen and In-Game screen. Installing For Eclipse Extract the archive you will get a J2MEGF folder, copy this folder to Eclipse Workspace directory, remember, you must copy the J2MEGF folder which contain bin, src, res,... folders. For WTK Start the KToolbar, then press New Project to create new project, type the project name (anything you want), but the class name, you must enter: GameMIDlet, press Create project. Now, open your WTK directory, fin

Portablevirtualmachine - portable virtual machine

portable virtual machine let you very easy to setup your work environment at other computer. It is base on portableapps(http://portableapps.com/). -- Add NetBeans 6.5 Beta -- Add jdk1.6.0_02 -- Add WTK2.5.2 -- Add LWUIT

Jyme - Aplicación J2ME para gimnasios / J2ME application for Gyms

Esta sirve para realizar el seguimiento de la rutina en el gimnasio. La rutina puede ser descargada desde Internate a partir de un archivo de texto. El proyecto fue desarrollado con Sun WTK 2.5.2, Eclipse 3.4 y EclipseME 1.7.9. La versión lista para usar se puede descargar en la sección downloads. Disculpen la falta de documentación :P !! This application is useful in following the exercise routine at the Gym. The routine can be downloaded from Internet from a text file. The project requires

J2me-unit-testing - A tool for generating test suite containing all tests. Useful for j2meunit.

J2me unit testingWhen using j2meunit, one has to manually enumerate and call the tests from inside the TestCase, as well as manually call all the TestCases from within a TestSuite. This is not only tedious but one can also easily forget to add a test or make a mistake in the test name that can result in tests not being called. This tool generates a class that calls all test methods from all test cases in the project. This is completely automatic and is meant to be part of the build of the test m