Warensoft Socket Server

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Warensoft Socket Server is a solo server, which never cares about the real logical business. While you could process your socket message with IronPython, and the message processing interface is reserved




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noVNC - VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with encryption (wss://) support.

noVNC is a HTML5 VNC client that runs well in any modern browser including mobile browsers (iPhone/iPad and Android). it supports VNC encodings like raw, copyrect, rre, hextile, tight, tightPNG.

Silverlight Web Parts for SharePoint

This project will provide a set of integrated Silverlight web parts that can be activated as "Features" on SharePoint 2007 (WSS, MOSS).


JavaScript object and methods for accessing SharePoint lists using the WSS RPC Display method.

SilverPart 2.2

This project includes a Silverlight wrapper Web Part that can be used in MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0 to expose Silverlight 2 (RTM) content. The goal of this project is to create a generic web part that has custom properties that provide flexibility for embedding different Sil

Webserviceservlet - WebServiceServlet (WSS) enable you to create web services on Google App Engine

WebServiceServlet (wss)WebServiceServlet enable developers to turn they standard java classes into WebServices that can be run on Google App Engine and other servlet engines like Tomcat, Glassfish etc. Developing WebServices using wss is slightly different than standard web service development. For Clients wss webservices looks like standard web services. Client classes can be generated e.g. using java's wsimport. How to use wss? For this please see the wiki pages. More detailed information abou

Cmsant - CMSant - a lightway CMS system for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

The project will use jQuery to give users a rich interfase of WSS More information on: www.CMSant.com (under dev)

SharePoint List Activity - Silverlight web part

WSS v3 web part that uses Silverlight 2.0 to display list activity (new and modified items) in the last two days. Web Part properties (per user) are used to configure Silverlight display options such as showing lists with no activity, opening list links in a new window or the ...

WSS Mini Workflow Actions

The WSS Mini Workflow Actions are a set of custom SharePoint workflow actions which implement common workflow scenarios such as majority approval, fixed count approval, and gathering acknowledgments. This allows users to chain together "Workflows" in SharePoint Designer

WSS List DataSource

WSS List DataSource is a data source control to directly use Windows SharePoint Services Lists as a data source object in ASPX Pages. You can configure the sharepoint site, list name, where or order by conditions to map your sharepoint data with Databindable components as Gri...