Woo Shell

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Woo Shell is an alternative to the normal Windows command prompt (cmd.exe). It is inspired by linux shells such as bash, csh and by the xterm terminal. It supports filename completion, stdio piping and redirection, copy/paste.




Related Projects

Nana Utilities

Nana Script Utilities are some tools written in ECMAScript(aka JavaScript), include some helper libraries and standalone tools which can help in Web and/or WSH, HTA development.

Nessus-transformrpt - Nessus - Transform Report (Group by Plugin)

A WSH script to process .nessus (dot nessus) report file and transform it to be grouped by plugins/vulnerabilities instead of by hosts. Only nessus v1 format is supported at this time. FeaturesTemplate based output Further items (host/port) grouping for similar/duplicated plugin output/detail Vulnerability IDs (CVE, BID, OSVDB, etc.) are hyperlinked Multiple input files Plugin/host exclusions

Steves-misc-scripts - My Misc Scripts

Mostly Python but can include Windows Batch Files, VBScript, WSH, Django, and many others. Have Fun. This is mainly for fun on my side as well. Current Active Projects To Scope Out:None at the moment. I just created this. Current Active Scripts To Scope Out:None yet. Should start positing tonight or tomorrow. 12/17/08 - 12/18/08

Batch-flow - Batch files scripts to help workflow in the windows commandline

batch.flowProvides much improved workflow for common Windows commandline tasks. Very quick examplesAdd current directory to system path

Jsxt2 - Javascript / JScript extensions and tools (version 2)

Javascript / JScript extensions and tools (version 2)This is the collection of the Javascript / JScript extensions and standalone scripts. It consists of the original scripts by myself and other authors with proper credits.

Jsunity - Lightweight Universal JavaScript Unit Testing Framework

http://jsunity.com/WhatjsUnity is a lightweight JavaScript unit testing framework that is context-agnostic. It doesn't rely on any browser capabilities and therefore can be run inside HTML, ASP, WSH or any other context that uses JavaScript/JScript/ECMAScript. WhyThere are already several unit testing frameworks for JavaScript that are browser-centric. jsUnity aims to just focus on JavaScript as a language that's used beyond the browser context. jsUnity can be used in server-side JavaScript impl

Registry-files-tools - Tools for Windows registry export files (*.reg)

AboutThis is a set of tools that read Windows registry export files created by Microsoft RegEdit and convert to others format. At the heart of the tools there is a parser for RegEdit files implemented in JavaScript using the JS/CC parser generator. The tools are implemented in JavaScript in the Windows Script Host (WSH) environment and will be available to users through entries in the Explorer context menu for .reg files. StatusParser is ready. Tools and installation package are still in develop

Curlie - An implementation of cURL in JavaScript in the Microsoft Windows Script Host environment

curlIE is an implementation of a subset of the cURL command line interface in JavaScript using the XMLHttpRequest object in the Microsoft Windows Script Host environment. This tool will help you to retrieve remote files from a DOS prompt or in batch files. SVN log Featureseasier to install than cURL on Windows platforms (one single file to download) in particular when you want to access HTTPS sites uses the Microsoft Internet HTTP engine, so uses all Internet Explorer settings: if IE passes the

Foo-wsh-panel-mod - WSH Panel Mod (foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod)

This is a modded version of original WSH Panel(foo_uie_wsh_panel).