JMEDS (Java Multi Edition DPWS Stack)

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JMEDS is a lightweight, modular and extendable software framework for using the quot;Devices Profile for Web-Services (DPWS)quot; in Java based environments. It runs on Java CLDC (e.g. on embedded devices), CDC, Android and SE platforms. 25.01.2013 !!NEW VERSION OF JMEDS AND DPWS EXPLORER ARE RELEASED!! 27.11.2012 Uploaded new nightly builds! Stack + Explorer 19.10.2012 Uploaded new nightly builds! 24.09.2012 Uploaded nightly builds of se jars and android jars. We are eager to receive feedback from you! We are doing our best to answer all questions from you and fix the bugs that are found as fast as we can! So don't hesitate to ask questions or report unexpected behaviour/bugs that you might find. DPWS Explorer released on



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