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Writer2LaTeX is a collection of converters from OpenDocument Format (ODF) to LaTeX/BibTeX, XHTML and XHTML+MathML. It is delivered as a standalone java library, as a command line application and as export filters for OpenOffice.org.




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Pytexipng - Creates a png image from a LaTeX formula using a nice GTK gui.

It can convert a LaTeX formula into a png image file that can be used on any WYSIWYG word processor application as OpenOffice.org Writer, Abiword or KWord. Requirements: This application requires GTK+ version 2.6.x. Other dependencies include: pyGTK dvipng Some LaTeX distribution as TeTeX, MikTeX or LaTeXLive

Exsited - Extensible and Simple Tex Editor (exsited!)

DescriptionThe goal of this project is to create a WYSIAWYG editor for LaTeX, where WYSIAWYG stands for "what you see is ALMOST what you get". State of the ArtIf you take a look at the Comparison of TeX editors available in the Wikipedia, you'll see that few editors provide a WYSIWYG solution: BaKoMa TeX, Lyx, and Scientific WorkPlace. In my opinion, these editors are too similar to real WYSISYG word processing programs, like LibreOffice's Writer or Microsoft Work. I really like LaTeX and I enjo

Notebk - Alex Nelson's Notebook

This is just my collection of notes on math and physics. The scope of the notes vary. It ranges from theoretical physics (classical general relativity and quantum gravity, quantum field theory, etc.) to pure mathematics. I hope, someday, to have these notes form a cohesive collection --- similar to Bourbaki's Elements of Mathematics ... except I want my notes to be coherent. If you are interested in the TeX/LaTeX macros used, see the wiki entry on them. All explanations and example code are give

lyz - LyZ, patched to work with the patched writer2latex...

LyZ, patched to work with the patched writer2latex...


LyZ, patched to work with the patched writer2latex...

Tournamenteditor - Facilitates the editing of quizbowl tournaments

Question Editor ProgramFeature brainstorm, no particular order: For packet-submission tournaments, questions by one team have to stay together (can be combined with other team, but no scattering) Perhaps this sort of thing can be controlled by an authorship attribute? Author of a question defaults to Harvard, but we can batch a set of questions to be, you know, UCLA's or whatever--and then we can keep track of what packet(s) they're in--perhaps make it able to generate a report of that info. If

writer2latex - with support for Zotero reference-marks

with support for Zotero reference-marks