Grauenwolf's .NET Wrapper for the Netflix API

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This is a .NET Wrapper for the Netflix API. Currently it supports low level requests including OAuth signing. A high level object model is planned.



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Web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Binary download: Twitter:

servo - Netflix Application Monitoring Library

Netflix Application Monitoring Library

Phpflix - Netflix Api Library for PHP

Simple PHP library for connecting to the Netflix API.

Net-netflix - A Perl program to read and write queues and ratings from Netflix accounts (save your p

Please use the new name, WWW::Netflix, found here: Use the included netflix_mover program to save your Netflix profiles' data or transfer it to another account. The netflix_mover program uses Net::Netflix, a Perl module that provides an "API" (via html screen scraping) to read and write queue and rating data from Netflix accounts and profiles. Authors: Christie Robertson, Colin Meyer This is a based on John Resig's Net::Netflix v0.03, but is large

Zendframeworknetflixservice - Zend Framework Netflix REST API

Zend Framework Service Wrapper for the new Netflix REST API. Includes all of the user, catalog, and management API calls outlined on the Netflix API. Application must be registered with Netflix before API calls return data. Ports easily into any Zend Framework install and is ready to use. 1. Installing. 2. Examples - Using Catalog Function. 3. Examples - Managing Queues. 4. Examples - Creating a Request Access URL for user. 5. Example - Building your first Zend Framework App with Netflix. :-) in

Nfapi - .NET Library for Netflix API

.NET API layer for interacting with the Netflix API. Instructions for use If you have questions/comments, or want to help build this out, contact me or visit the discussion group.

Netflix-php - Netflix queue backup/restore using PHP and Netflix API

Saves user's current queue to a CSV. Allows user to update their queue from a CSV in the same format.

Flixxlib - Netflix API Libraries

FlixxlibAboutA set of libraries for accessing the Netflix API. Libraries are provided in the following languages: Java Other languages will be added in the future.

Phlix - PHP Library for Netflix API

Phlix is a PHP5 library that allows you to easily interact with the Netflix API. Contained within this library is a PHP5 OAuth client. If there is enough interest, I will release this library separately. The Netflix Developer Portal currently lists libraries for Perl, Java, Python, Ruby, and .NET. This library is my attempt to add PHP to that list.