Web Project Mechanics

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Web Project Mechanics is a Dot.Net based Web Content Management system developed written in VB.Net using an access database. It is developed using vb.net




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Kukis-rsvp - Rapid Serial Visual Presentation - written in Java

RSVP stands for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. This project aims to be an extension and further development of MyRSVP developed by, M. Scott Reynolds See more on RSVP: What is RSVP RSVP Reader Software Comparison Features It provides detailed statistic on the reading speed: Intelligent elapsed time since reading (intelligent, aka, it will automatically reset if the reader pauses for more then 5 minutes, or if the text is changed) Calculates real WPM (which includes pauses) Based on that it pr


Typespeed is a tool and game for testing your typing speed. It displays your CPS and WPM, typo ratio, and some points to compare with your friends. It is a clone of 'ztspeed', and features a network play mode for challenging your friends.

Amphetype - advanced typing program -- import texts, autogenerate lessons, detailed statistics, etc.

Amphetype is a layout-agnostic typing program aimed at people who don't need an on-screen keyboard, but would still like to improve their speed and accuracy. Some features: WPM, accuracy, and viscosity (as the opposite of fluidity) statistics on texts, words, keys, and trigrams. Historical data can be grouped in several different ways (by days, averages of 10, etc.). You can generate text fragments to type from Project Gutenberg or any other plain text source to practice typing with your favorit

Wine-cellar - WineCellar - Making it easy to run Mircosoft Windows applications on Linux

News30th Aug 2010 - Development have started on the new home for WineCellar. 28th Aug 2010 - Preview released - pre0.1 21st Aug 2010 - Work has begun on setting standards for WineCellar. 10th Aug 2010 - Wine-Doors site seems to be dead. 8th May 2010 - Wine Package Manager(WPM) renamed to WineCellar. AboutWineCellar helps you run and install applications and games designed for Microsoft Windows. WineCellar uses online repositories so that applications and games can be added to WineCellar at any t

Eyetrain - The FREE way to boost your reading

iTrain focuses on replicating the user experience of the well known application EyeQ it will have features to exercise the eyeball, boost how many Words Per Minuet you can read. Currrently in preAlpha stage, please note it is very much so incomplete

Speedreader - SpeedReader is a program created to allow the user to learn speed reading.

SpeedReader program has been created to allow you to learn speed reading. AboutSimple user interface and small size allow you to quickly use the program even on multiple computers. The program is equipped with a number of adjustable parameters. The most important parameter is WPM (words per minute), it is the speed of with which the displayed are the text words on the screen, the CHUNKS parameter determines the number of words that are simultaneously displayed on the screen, while parameter FONT

Kochmorse - Koch Morse Tutor for Linux

KochMorse is a easy to use morse tutor (trainer) for Linux using the Koch-mehtod. It provides a clean and modern graphical interface. The current release (version 0.99.x) is full featured and stable. I've tested it under Fedora and Ubuntu and it works well. If you have trouble to get it running or you like to see any features added, please contact me by mail: hmatuschek [at] gmail [dot] com. Note: python-alsaaudio-0.5I have got some reports that KochMorse does not work with python-alsaaudio 0.5

wpm - Workload and Performance Monitor

Workload and Performance Monitor


Calculates your WPM with the song's you listen to while developing and displays the results for you to see


A simple example of how to use Avro in Java.