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Automated software deployment, upgrade and removal script for Windows. Can be run as a service to install software in the background without user interaction. See http://wpkg.org for more info and downloads. See http://lists.wpkg.org for mailing lists.




Related Projects

Wpkg-gp - Running WPKG as a Group Policy Extension

Many want to run WPKG at boot up, before user logon, and want their users to get some status information. This has traditionally been done either by running WPKG as a Group Policy Script, or by running the WPKG project's WPKG Client. The first has several limitations, the second does not support delayed logon on Windows >= Vista due to new security features in Windows. How does it work?Wpkg-GP circumvents this by hooking into the Group Policy Extensions (GPE) interface available in Windows (the

Wpkgexpress - A web-based frontend to WPKG

NOTE: development of wpkgExpress is now indefinitely on hold wpkgExpress is a web-frontend to the WPKG software deployment system. FeaturesAdd/edit/delete WPKG packages, profiles, and hosts Ajax-enabled functions: sorting/deleting of packages, profiles, and hosts; and re-ordering of package check conditions and actions Import existing WPKG packages.xml, profiles.xml, and hosts.xml files Ability to password protect the XML feeds used by WPKG Search records by type or search all types at any time

wpkg - Package configuration for use with WPKG

Package configuration for use with WPKG

bxwpkg - CCGB/BX WPKG repo


WPKG - Various common files I use for WPKG managed networks

Various common files I use for WPKG managed networks


My modifications to wpkg to allow HTTP/S downloads.


Petit script permettant, en complément de l'installation du paquet eole-wpkg, de télécharger les clients XP et 7, ainsi que wpkg-manage sur un serveur Eole-Scribe.