WPF Localization Guidance

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This project includes a whitepaper with code samples to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers localize their applications. The whitepaper compares LocBaml and classic Resx approaches with pros and cons.




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Localization without recompiling, use it to localize your app. (Including xaml support).

WPF Localization Extension

LocalizationExtension is a realy easy way to localize any type of DependencyProperties on DependencyObects in WPF / SL (.xaml and .cs) through .resx files.


Implementation of BAML WPF localization approach in a user(WPF developer)-friendly and easy way. Visual Studio Addin allows developer in a few mouse clicks prepare your application to localization and then finally get localized application.

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Multiplatform data-driven test automation execution services

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Animatedtextdemo - AnimatedTextDemo (WPF Screen Saver)

AnimatedTextDemo (WPF Screen Saver) This project was created by Basil Goldman - using source code from Josh Smith on WPF blog: http://joshsmithonwpf.wordpress.com/2007/08/13/animating-text-in-wpf/ For more information or contacts please visit: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/basil/ at Microsoft or http://basilgoldman.blogspot.com/ at Blogger Thanks for Josh Smith (WPF tutorial) Enjoy!!!

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A simple open source poker game for local area networks. The project is developed under Visual Studio 2008 and uses .NET 3.5 The graphical user interface is pure WPF. Recently the project communications were converted from simple binary sockets to use WCF

Xaml Localization Tool

Xaml Localization Tool, a extension for vs2010. Help to generate .resx files from xaml. So you can use it in any application contain xaml, such as silverlight application, windows phone application and wpf application. Xaml本地化工具, vs2010的一个插件. 可以帮助你轻松从xaml中提取你要进行多语言化的数据,因此适用...