WPF 3D Headtracking

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The WPF 3D Headtracking library allows you to transform any WPF 3D application in an immersive experience simply by wrapping your common Viewport3D in a special Decorator element. No code needed! Compatible with the Wiimote and mouse as headtracking providers, and easy to extend.




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headtrackr - Javascript library for headtracking via webcam and WebRTC/getUserMedia

Javascript library for headtracking via webcam and WebRTC/getUserMedia


DarwiinRemote is a tiny program amp; library which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote), nunchuk, amp; classic controller.


A collection of tools that are easy to configure to take input from game controllers (gamepads, wiimotes, sixaxis controllers), and output midi or osc data for use in music programs

Wiiboxing3d - Windows boxing game with head-tracking and wiimotes

Wiiboxing 3D is a boxing video game built on the Wii platform. The game uses head-tracking and 3D visual effects to give a life-like experience to the player. You are moving forward in a long corridor, hanging from the ceilings of this corridor are punching bags that are of different colors and materials. Your goal is to punch the bags as they get close to you. With head-tracking employed, your view changes with the movement of your head. For example, if you lean over in order to reach a bag, th

Wiimote for C++

This package is a development library for C++ to use a remote control of Wii on WIN32 platforms


WiiC is a C/C++ library that manages Wii devices. It supports Wiimote, Nunchuck, Classic, Guitar Hero 3, Motion Plus, and Balance Board. It runs on Linux and Mac platforms.

Jhtrack - Java Head Track

Java version of the Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the Wii Remote from Johnny Chung Lee. Using jogl (Java™ Binding for the OpenGL® API - JSR-231) https://jogl.dev.java.net/ and wiiusej (Java API for Wiimotes) http://code.google.com/p/wiiusej/. This project attempts to be a multiplataform head tracking project. Initial release working in linux, tested on Ubuntu 9.04 32bis.

3D Head tracking using MS Kinect SDK + WPF

Head3D makes it easier for MS Kinect SDK developers to Make 3D Head Tracking Apps. You'll no longer have to make it from scratch again. It's developed in C# using WPF.

Wiimote-paintboard - Wiimote Paintboard extends Wiimote Whiteboard to provide graphic utilities and

Wiimote Paintboard extends Wiimote Whitebaord both by adding support for additional Wiimote functionality as well as providing a GUI that allows for painting/typing documents. This system provides options for saving and loading these documents.