WPF DetailsView

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DetailsView control for Windows Presentation Foundation similar to detailsview in webforms. It's designed to be, easy to use, fully customizable, with advanced features like FieldGenerator that allows to add custom logic to field generation, for example role-based security ...




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ASP.NET Generic Data Source Control

The ASP.NET Generic Data Source Control may be used as the Data Source for any ASP.NET data-bound controls: GridView, ListView, FormView, DropDownList, DetailsView,... delivering true flexibility, separation of concerns and real support for the ASP.NET web development


Just a simple port of the silverlight DataForm to wpf.

FormView Taglib

FormView is JSP taglib to manage render of JSP according to state CREATE, READ, UPDATE.You develop just ONE JSP to manage READ-ONLY,... form. Formview can be plugged with Struts Validator to genrate calendar, maxlength,... according to validation field

Thinktecture DataForm

The thinktecture DataForm creates form-based user interfaces on basis of .NET Data Annotations. It offers an extensive customizing model and great support for MVVM. The current version supports only WPF, a Silverlight version is in progress.

Ajax Data Controls

The purpose of this project is to Develop data controls such as GridView, DataList, Repeater, DetailsView, FromView, ObjectDataSource on top of Microsoft Ajax Framework for Client Centric Development model. Since the Asp.net version of these controls does not have clientside obje

Django-dataforms - Dynamic, database-driven Django forms

django-dataforms is a wrapper for the Django forms API that lets you dynamically define forms in a database, rather than hard-coding form definitions. This can be especially helpful for projects that have many forms and/or forms which constantly change, and you don't want to be constantly updating models and schemas. No model creation required. See the GettingStarted guide to jump in. Go from this...# forms.py from django import formsclass ContactForm(forms.Form): subject = forms.CharField(max_l

PropertyTools for WPF

Library of custom controls for WPF: PropertyGrid, DataGrid, multi-select TreeView, ColorPicker and more.

Django-obviews - Views made objects on Django

Obviews - Views made objects on DjangoTo the point: wraps django views into callable objects. Obviews! What you will find hereInspired by generic views, this project provides your app with objects to simplify the creation of views. You will find here the object-equivalent of direct_to_template and a simple way to set up your own object_list, detail_page and much more.... Added on the 24/11/09: FormViews, which encapsulate management of views dealing with forms AvailiblityDevelopped on trunk (dja

Npr-simile-timeline - NPR / SIMILE Timeline

The NPR SIMILE TimelineIntroductionThe NPR SIMILE Timeline (Beta) allows you to display a listing of NPR stories on a timeline. This timeline, made entirely of open source technologies, connects the NPR API to MIT's Simile Timeline javascript application. In addition to using this to display a timeline in your blog, to link to a timeline, or to send a timeline in email, you are welcome to become involved by suggesting enhancements to this application or to repurpose the code entirely in your own

Data-form - Perl module for form and data structure validation

This is a class designed to model forms and form-like things. The goal is to build a model to aid in determining whether a given set of input constitutes a valid state of the "form." The list of form-like things includes any user interface that asks a user questions and expects to process the answers: CGI forms, configuration files, a list of prompts for an interactive command line, YAML file or a plain old hashref. Forms consist of fields where the field data requires validation before being ac