WPF Checked ListBox

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This is simple implementation of WPF Checked ListBox




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Gong-wpf-dragdrop - A Drag'n'Drap Framework for WPF

IntroductionThe GongSolutions.Wpf.DragDrop library is a drag'n'drop framework for WPF. It has the following features: Works with MVVM : the logic for the drag and drop can be placed in a ViewModel. No code needs to be placed in codebehind, instead attached properties are used to bind to a drag handler/drop handler in a ViewModel. Works with multiple selections. Can drag data within the same control to re-order, or between controls. Works with TreeViews. Can insert an item into a collection, or d

ScalableTextElement for Silverlight

ScalableTextElement is a component for Silverlight. It includes controls that contain text : - ComboBox - TextBlock - TextBox - ListBox - RadioButton - CheckBox - Button The font size is automatically chosen depending on the size of the control.

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight ListBox with CheckBox Control

A Windows Phone 7 ListBox control, providing CheckBoxes for item selection when in "Choose State" and no CheckBoxes in "Normal State", like the built-in Email app, with nice transition. To switch between states, set the "IsInChooseState" property. The control inherits ListBox.

Wipflash - Making WPF behave!

WPF UI Automation Clean source code to help you understand UI Automation patterns Examples showing how to use each aspect of WiPFlash Lightweight, focused on common UI components and usage patterns Complete access to underlying .NET automation elements Pluggable, dependency-injected factories, finders etc. for easy extension Speed! This is WiPFlash's example UI. To get started, see the Two Minute Tutorial! For more on how to use WiPFlash, please look at the scenarios and the associated steps whi

Cs2335lab5 - Basic Task Manager with WPF

WPF IntroductionThis lab serves the purpose of introducing you to a whole new kind of GUI programming in C#, by using XAML to create a simple networked application with a graphical client. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) has several references on the internet. Some of the ones I use are: http://windowsclient.net/ http://learning.microsoft.com/Manager/default.aspx , look at the free products on left and there is a self-paced course in developing WPF. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframe

Jqmultiselects - jQuery plugin to add common behaviour to <select> elements

IntroductionjqMultiSelects is a plugin for jQuery which enables the addition of common behaviour to <select> elements allowing multiple options to be selected. FeaturesjqMultiSelects enables you to deal purely with the presentation of your <select> elements, and then use the plugin to attach common behaviours to them. Current features include: Set up double-click transferring of options from one select to another Enable transferring of multiple options via an external element, e.g. <button>, <in

Idotfm - iDotFm is a .NET application for scrobbling songs from iPod using iTunes.

iDotFm is a .NET application for scrobbling songs from iPod using iTunes. Application connects with iTunes and transfers songs from iDotFm list, then songs are submitted to LastFM. It's easy to use and gives you control over your songs, application also support multiple iPod play. Tutorial: 1. Before using iDotFm you have to make smart list and rename it to “iDotFm�, use those conditions when making list: a) Check “Match the following condition� b) Enter condition: “Last Played is in t

Simple-pygame-gui - Simple GUI system for the pygame library.

IMPORTANT NOTICE This project is no more under development. The 2.0 version of SPG is currently under development using the Launchpad platform at https://code.launchpad.net/simple-pygame-gui. Join the project now. After evaluating different pygame gui systems, I finally decided that none was exactly the one I needed for my games, an easy-to-setup and to-use, fast, lightweight and well-integrated gui system. The goal of this gui is to be extremely easy to use, and setup especially, and to be quic

Gwtlib - Yet another GWT Widget Library.

GWTLib is a lightweight GWT widget library that currently includes MenuBar, PagingBar, Table, PagingTable and StyleListBox widgets. It does not rely on any external Javascript libraries and has no dependencies except GWT itself. GWTLib is compatible with GWT 2.x and higher. The MenuBar widget is an extension of the standard GWT MenuBar that adds checkmark and radio menu item toggling and enabling/disabling. The PagingBar widget can be used to navigate through any given number of items. The total

Iwelite - Elite Suite for IntraWeb / VCL for the Web

The Elite Suite is our suite for Intraweb and VCL for the Web that includes components from our legacy component packs packaged into one single and simple install. The suite includes the following components: Visual ComponentsDialogs - including MessageBox, Login, Progress, Search Relace, Print, Confirmation, Session Timeout Popup Region - Using this component, it is possible to show a customized dialog to the end user that is somewhat "modal". The dialog shows above other components on your for