Generic web services

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Generic web services which can be consumed by any client



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Davidgsoc2010 - Mini CMS developed on Apache Sling

This project shows some features of Apache Sling and can be used for educational purpose to move your first steps with this framework. David uses the following opensource library/technologies: jQuery 1.4.2 jQueryUI 1.8 LavaLamp - A menu plugin for jQuery with cool hover effects WP-Cumulus SWF - used to display tag cloud iText CKEditor The available features are CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) for the content Full HTML creation of article Creation of PDF rappresentation of a single post or

Spreadshop - A plugin to embed your Spreashirt's spreashop into WordPress. Sell gadgets from you

Spreadshop Wordpress PluginThis plugin it's tested on WordPress 2.3.1Nowadays I'm writing the goPHP5 version 2.0 that will use a slim SOAP client instead of the huge XML parser. Ok guys I'm sorry. This project is abandoned. If someone wants to join, is welcome. Spreadshirt is a online gadget service, with it you can easily sell online your personal t-shirts and gadgets with a cool and fast Macromedia Flash creator interface. Items quality seem excelent but prices aren't so cheap. This plugin is

Metro oAuth Utils

A bunch of libraries that enable functionality in various OAuth secured services (using a common framework) with compatibility for both Win8 Metro/WinRT & WP7.

Echo-nest-java-api - A Java API for the Echo Nest web services

This is a Java API and assorted tools and helpers for the Echo Nest API (at Note - for a version of the API that works with Version 4 of the Java API see jEN-api Table of Contents The Echo Nest API OverviewGetting StartedCode ExamplesRunning the examples The Echo Nest API OverviewThe Echo Nest API is divided into two sets of methods: Artist methods and track methods. Artist MethodsSome of the Echo Nest artist capabilities: get a list of the hottest artists search for art

Blogginmovie - WordPress plugin for inserting movies details into blogs

Bloggin’Movie ( CinemaTex Romania Donate link: Tags: cinema, movie, movies, actors, review, trailers, box office Wordpress compatibility: 2.5.0 + Stable tag: 1.01 A plugin for inserting movie details into your blog posts, websites and personal pages. DescriptionThe BlogginMovies Wordpress plugin inserts short movie details such as movie poster, title, directors, actors, runtime, short review, trailer into your wordpress page. For retrieving in

Wp-yupoo-albums - wordpress yupoo

安装事项: 安装说明:( 1.把文件夹�制到wordpress�件包plugins文件夹中,进入wordpress���用yupooalbum�件 2.进行yupoo账�绑定和得到Authtoken ID进行相应�作,如没有账�API Key 就从(申请API,注�(选择认�为桌�认�),如果修改过此项用户绑定接��修改一下,默认这个绑定时接�桌�认�,所以默认下���需修改此项�