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Several small demos to showcase the usages of APIs in Windows Phone 8




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Pdfwp - A CGI program for rendering PDF documents from WordPress posts

At current stage, only simplified and traditional Chinese (and of cause English) PDF and LaTeX source files are generated, however, you can add your own languages by changing settings in the configuration section of source code. System requirement: Encoding of WP tables in database has to be UTF-8 Utilities: latex, pdflatex, iconv(convertion between UTF-8 and GBK/Big5) and zh-autoconvert (for convertion between S.Chinese and T.Chinese) LaTeX packages: CJK, amssymb, amsmath, indentfirst, hyperref

Openid-selector - A user-friendly way to select an OpenID

Javascript OpenID SelectorThis is a simple Javascript OpenID selector. It has been designed so that users do not even need to know what OpenID is to use it, they simply select their account by a recognisable logo. Take a look at the FAQ if you'd like to integrate OpenID Selector w/ Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. A demo based on JQuery is available here. A demo based on MooTools rather than JQuery is available here. A demo based on Prototype is also available. A Google Closure version is availa

Demo WP8 TechDays 2013 Session APP221

This is a demo app used in our session of Techdays 2013 : It contains demos for LongListSelector, new Launchers, Text To Speech, Speech Recognition, AppToApp

Iwp-runtime - iZE Web Platform Runtime Engine written by haXe

iZE Web Platform(iWP) Runtime Engine written by haXe This open source version is minimum package of iWP Runtime Engine. including: debug tracer Flash Player 8 target utility Debug Tracer Demo is here: for Flash Player 9+ http://www.openplatform.jp/debug-util/index.html for Flash Player 8 http://www.openplatform.jp/debug-util/index.fp8.html

Php-text-words-parser - Parse html text into sentences and words

Parse html text into sentences and wordsГрамматичеÑ�кий разбор html текÑ�та на предложениÑ� и Ñ�ловаPurpose Ð�нализ Ñ�лов в теÑ�те длÑ� реализации каких-либо алгоритмов (например, похожеÑ�ти текÑ�тов) ИÑ�пользование индекÑ�атором длÑ� полнотекÑ�тового поиÑ�ка, отображение фрагментов текÑ�та и подÑ�ветка найдÐ

Wp-spp - An effective search engine for Wordpress written in C++

Wp-spp, or "Wordpress Search Plus Plus", is a C++ project to create an effective search engine for Wordpress. It connects to MySQL database via interface routines provided by MySQL++ and uses boost library to handle keyword searching and highlighting. Compiled CGI code of wp-spp should be at least an order of magnitude faster than its PHP competitor when using complicated searching logic. Features include (not a complete list): search on both posts and comments highlight search results compatibl

Wp-mallow - Mallow theme for wordpress

This is my Mallow theme for the Wordpress blogging CMS. http://www.somefoolwitha.com/tag/mallow/ http://www.somefoolwitha.com/mallow_live/ Mallow Readme OK, this is my first theme for WordPress 1.5 (previously 1.3) so please be gentle. Partially engineered from Kubrick, much code and all design by Matthew. Download Mallow | Mallow posts | Mallow Google Code | View the demo site If you need support for Mallow a good place to start is the Wordpress support forums, you can also try the Flickr Binar

Wpng-calendar - A Wordpress plugin for integrating a Google calendar

OverviewThe Wordpress Google calendar plugin allows for the integration of a Google calendar into a Wordpress blog. We are currently at release 0.8.5. You can download it at the right ===>. For release notes, please see the change log. InstallationThis section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Request Google GDATA API key (see link below) Upload the contents of the ZIP file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu Configure your GDA


About the implementation------------------------Important folders:| Folder | Description || ------ | ----------- || / | Contains the project file, the license information and this file (README.md) || RateMyApp | Root folder for the implementation files of RateMyApp component. || RateMyApp/Controls | FeedbackOverlay user control of RateMyApp component. || RateMyApp/Helpers | Helper classes for RateMyApp component. || RateMyApp/Properties | RateMyApp component properties. || RateMyApp/Resources |

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Windows Phone 8 demos