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WP7PUBLISH is a framework for building content delivery system applications.




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Windows Phone Icons Maker

This project makes multple icons necessary to build and publish Windows Phone Application.

Hexing Colors for Windows Phone 7

Hexing Colors is a simple Silverlight game for Windows Phone 7 based on the web game "What the Hex" written by Andrew Yang and created for educational purposes. The code of the app is here published for anyone to download and analyze it to learn the basic internals of a WP7 app.

Wp-multisite-post - With this plugin you can post a post on multiple sites in your WP multisite or W

I created this plugin, because we wanted to add a commercial post (Advertorial) to multiple sites. With this plugin you can do this by checking the sites you want the post on. It will add an option on the postedit page, like the screenshot, where you can choose the sites want to post it on. Current features: -Post on multiple sites(blogs) -Delete from site -Select on which posttypes this option is active -Works on custom post types -Detach post. The post will not be deleted from site. It will be

Xstandard-for-wordpress - A drop-in plugin that integrates XStandard WYSIWYG Editor into WordPress

Contributors: iroybotDonate link: http://contactsheet.de/donate.xhtmlTags: wysiwyg, authoring, editor, edit, rich editor, rich text editor, rich formatting, text formatting, css,valid, xhtml, html, tiny, replacement, backend, admin panel, admin cp, xml, xslXStandard Version included: at least: 2.7.1Tested up to: 2.7.1Trunk Version: 0.5Stable Version: -DescriptionIntegrates XStandard Editor into WordPress. XStandard is a standards-compliant, flexible and highly customizable WYSIWY


The solution consists of two top-level projects sharing the same source code,one targeting WP 7 and the other targeting WP 8. Bing Maps control is used inWP 7 project and the new Map control introduced in Windows Phone is used in WP 8project.This example application is hosted in GitHub:https://github.com/Microsoft/diner-wpDeveloped with: * Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone * Microsoft Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 2012.Compatible with: * Windows Phone 7 * Windows P