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WP2PDF is a script that converts the content of one or more entries of the Blog-Software WordPress to PDF. It is based on FPDF, a free PDF library and written in PHP. It requires a working WordPress installation and PHP 4.x




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Wp-group-restriction - Wordpress plugin to control access per groups of users.

Descriptionwp-group-restriction is a Wordpress plugin that enhances the current user role feature, by allowing administrators to manage access to content (i.e., pages). FeaturesCurrently, it supports assigning users and pages to existing groups, and enables page filtering in the front-office (depending on the current user). In addition, the reuse of this plugin functionality, by any other plugin, is also available. RequirementsWordpress 2.0x or 2.1 MySQL version 4.1 or greater Plugins that use w

Davidgsoc2010 - Mini CMS developed on Apache Sling

This project shows some features of Apache Sling and can be used for educational purpose to move your first steps with this framework. David uses the following opensource library/technologies: jQuery 1.4.2 jQueryUI 1.8 LavaLamp - A menu plugin for jQuery with cool hover effects WP-Cumulus SWF - used to display tag cloud iText CKEditor The available features are CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) for the content Full HTML creation of article Creation of PDF rappresentation of a single post or

Wp-publications-archive - Wordpress plugin to upload, manage, search, and download publications (PDF

Descriptionwp-publications-archive is a Wordpress plugin that allows administrators to upload and manage all sorts of files (i.e., publications). Additionally, end-users are able to navigate, search, and download them in the front-office. FeaturesCurrently, it supports publications upload and management, categories assignment and management, and file extensions management. This plugin provides integration with Wordpress Search, by allowing to search publications metadata (i.e., keywords, descrip

Web-invoice - Web Invoice - Invoicing and billing for WordPress

Web Invoice lets WordPress and WordPress MU blog owners send itemized invoices to their clients. Ideal for web developers, SEO consultants, general contractors, or anyone with a WordPress blog and clients to bill. The plugin ties into WP's user management database to keep track of your clients and their information. Once an invoice is created from the WP admin section, an email with a brief description and a unique link is sent to client. Clients follow the link to your blog's special invoice pa

Wptex - a php program to generate a latex book from a wordpress blog

You have a blog? What about a book?You probably have a blog, or are considering to have one. Or maybe, you dream of writing a whole book but you are too lazy to do it. What about having a blog to which you'll post at your rythm and then convert all what you've written to a book? Simple? Heh? WPTeX is the tool for you!Ask any geek you know about LaTeX and TeX, and they'll tell you: "It's the best solution to produce hight quality and professional documents (articles, books, brochures and presenta

Wp-su-plugin - Gives an active StumbleUpon icon for your WordPress

DescriptionThis StumbleUpon WordPress plugin: Shows an indicator for all the links on your site (gray=not submitted, green=submitted) Has a function you can include in your sidebar or under your posts to submit this permalink to SU, it includes an indication If it is already in SU AND how many reviews it had until now. Has a widget DownloadThe latest version can always be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stumbleupon-wordpress-plugin. It is NOT SVN-ed on Google Code! (needs to find

Lucene-silverstripe-plugin - Lucene search engine plugin for the SilverStripe framework

OverviewThis plugin for the SilverStripe framework allows you to harness the power of the Lucene search engine on your site. Using a variety of tools, you can also search PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and plain text files. It is easy to set up and use. This plugin uses Zend_Search_Lucene from Zend, StandardAnalyzer by Kenny Katzgrau, and pdf-to-text by Joeri Stegeman for PDF scanning. Zend_Search_Lucene is a PHP port of the Apache project's Lucene search engine. This extension is inspired by the

Inspired-social - Open source-source software to create a collaborative online social community

Inspired SocialAn Openfire plugin which combines WordPress and BuddyPress with the Inspired Communication Toolbar to provide a fully collaborative online social community. Pleae note that Only Openfire and MySQL required. No Apache, No PHP, No Asterisk and No Red5. The Inspired-Social plugin has embedded Java-based HTTP/PHP, SIP, RTMP and Audio Conference servers A User Guide can be found at http://inspired-social.googlecode.com/files/Inspired%20Social%20user%20guide.pdf An Admin Guide can be fo


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wp2print - Convert WordPress blog into print ready PDF

Convert WordPress blog into print ready PDF