World of Tanks Mod Installer

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The project hosts modified contour icons for the MMO game World of Tanks.



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Blacktower - Black Tower Game

A playable beta. All passwords in existing accounts are: password The Settlement and Armory are as of yet unsupported. This requires the .NET 3.0 Framework from Microsoft; it can be found on the links sidebar.

Whoshe - Python script to log wowarmory character data from World of Warcraft

This script permits the user to keep a running log of their characters, or to quickly check another player's character, to see if they are specced to heal or to tank or to dps, etc, or to see if their gear is any kind of decent. It does note buffs so that if someone is raid-buffed when they log out, or if they have res sickness, that is taken note of. (No translations are made, but at least you know that the buff/debuff was there.) It does not display all possible stats, but the stats that are m

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Word on the Street is a web widget that will automagically recognize the user's current location and display elected Congressional officials for that region (within the US). Each Senator, Representative, or other delegate is displayed in an easy to read format including a recent photo, contact information, relevant links, and any recent posts they have made to their primary blogs or to Twitter, or videos they posted to YouTube. WOTS can be easily embedded into any website, blog, or social networ

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Jodd = tools + ioc + mvc + db + aop + tx + html < 1.1MJodd is generic purpose open-source Java utility library. It enriches JDK with many powerful and feature rich utilities. Jodd helps with everyday task, makes code more robust and reliable. Special attention is put into creating reusable and fastest possible code and still keeping it compact, under 550 KB.Jodd Wot is bundle of lightweight application frameworks - under 350 KB! Designed following the CoC, DRY and SCS principles, it makes develo

Mtgtoolbox - have fun managing your M:tG cards

NewsAugust 2010 I have started playing M:tG again and so started to update the code on this site. The short term goal is to update the databases and then to convert the project to 2010 and WPF. IntroductionMagic: the Gathering is one of the most awesome games ever invented. On this site is my small contribution to the M:tG community. If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my website Card DataGatherer is Wizard's of the Coats' (WotC) online M:tG card database. It is a very nice on

Tcemu - Warcraft c++ Simulator data analysis and research

Welcome to open source World of Warcraft TCemu project 为什么å�–å��为TCEMU,个人主è¦�是因为目å‰�而言ï¼�国内英文水平有é™�ï¼�想å�‚阅魔兽世界的模拟器资料很困难,TC就是Trinity china的缩写,å�–å��为这个也是在于此。当然对于高手而言,也就没必è¦�在å�‚阅我们的WIKI了。我们旨在研究和学习魔兽世界模拟器,为大家æ��供中文的学习资料。我们ä¸�æ��倡使用这些资料进行ç§�æœ�,也ä¸�支æŒ�任何形å¼�çš„ç§�æ

Bts-wot - Wheel of Time Mod for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword

The Wheel of Time Turns... and Turns... and just one more turn! Finally Civilization 4 meets Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time.

Arcemuwebgerman - ArcemuWeb

Arcemu web zum download meist deutsch mit WotLK style bald auch Cataclysm

WoT Dossier Cache changes checker

Tool for World of Tanks MMOAG to check for dossier cache file change and perform choosed action.