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snake3d is a variant of the snake game. You are a snake in a 3d world trying to eat as many icosahedrons as possible, which makes your tail longer. There are other snakes (network players) in the world which will try to fail you.



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Hugger-mugger - HuggerMugger is a Liero clone

HuggerMugger is a Liero clone for Windows. Liero is essentially a Worms clone, only it is not turn-based. HuggerMugger stands out from the other clones because it uses 3D architecture on the computer to achieve superior 2D effects. It is also entirely ‘moddable’. New games or weapons can be plugged into it. HuggerMugger is written in C#, and is not compatible with Mono or Rotor because it uses the DirectX 9 SDK.


A 3D multiplayer game. It simulates an war between two teams, and the gameplay is similar to the famous game Worms.

Alienspaceworm - 3D game using jme2

Alien Space Worm of Death(working title) Be a mean space worm, spawned by an meteor into the sinister, dangerous world of filthy humans. Eat them, evolve or assimilate them to achieve your final goal: GLOBAL DOMINATION.

Ipv6gen - IPv6 prefix generator

ipv6gen is tool which generates list of IPv6 prefixes of given length from certain prefix according to RFC 3531. (A Flexible Method for Managing the Assignment of Bits of an IPv6 Address Block) This is intended as a helper script for either constructing IPv6 addressing scheme or allocating prefixes automatically. ipv6gen is structured into functions, which can be used in proprietary scripts. ipv6gen is written in Perl. ipv6gen and other related scripts are GPL licensed. If you take some code out

Deathcube - OpenGL based game similar to "Worms 3D" and the classic "Tanks" game

The project is for the 3D Computer Graphics course "TNM061" at Linköping University, campus Norrköping, Sweden. The goal of the project is to create an OpenGL based graphical application.

Appleworm - about animation "Apple & Worm"

關於 世新大學數�多媒體設計學系95級畢業製作 2D+3D動畫「Apple & Worm� 由�冠��劉筱婷共�製作 It's about an animation "Apple & Worm" which produced by graduating students of Class of 2010, Shih Hsin University Digital Multimedia Arts ── Li, Guan-Ye and Liu, Hsiao-Ting.

Taucomputergraphics09 - Exercises in computer graphics course, TAU sem A 09

Exercises in computer graphics course, TAU sem A 09Exercise 1 - Poisson image editingSee Ex1 requirements at: Gallery of students works: Our example: Exercise 2 - Ray TracerResults Exercise 3 - 3D game w/ OpenGL: WormsRequirements: Our game's demo video:

Inch-worm - C++ Library of Basic Classes and Utilites for Processing Land Survey Data

This Project will produce a set of classes and utilities for inputting and outputting various forms of land survey data from various equipment manufacturers for the purpose of manipulating that data in whatever manner is required by an end user. Since the original author had immediate access to Leica Total Station and GPS data, as well as Lowrance Sonar data, this is where the project began. The original inspiration for this project grew out of need to transform some Leica data into the form req

Clust-tables - Clustering using Contingency Tables

Details of Algorithms We mentioned in Section 4 (page 5) of the paper that we follow a method of replicating vectors for computational efficiency. In this method for each pair of datasets X and Y we create corresponding replicated datasets X' and Y' as follows. We go thorough the binary relationship matrix B representing the many-to-many relationships between the two datasets, and for each relationship we add the corresponding samples to X' and Y'. Essentially the number of samples in X' and Y'