World Clock Time Zone Webpart

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World Clock Time Zone Webpart



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Worldclockdesklet - worldclock desklet for glossitope

A clock desklet for glossitope, that shows time in different timezones.

Swiss-clock - One of the most famous swiss clocks

This is one of the most famous swiss clocks ever - this clock is displayed on nearly 5000 railway stations throughout Switzerland.

Aworldclock - Android World Clock

Free app that allows you to see in the time in different time zones. To do: change activity name to world clock handle all lifecycle states (stop my updater thread) why aren't there any india or china? time zones? can we make the tz list smaller? not every entry is a different tz it seems...

World-sunlight-theme - A world sunlight theme for iGoogle that changes every three hours to adjust t

This is my first try at an iGoogle theme. This theme uses two images -- both freely available online from NASA's website. This theme is one of the Northern Hemisphere -- once I get this one working smoothly, I will do one of the Southern Hemisphere. The theme shows a light/darkness curve that changes position every three hours. The light/darkness areas are approximately accurate based on the data that I collected from this site: "" and the date that I

Travelmate - Your true Travel Mate

A simple widget that provides very useful tools and information to travelers. Things that you can find about place you are going to: Find its road map Get updated weather report See local photos Must haves tools for a traveler: Flight booking Currency converter (With Live Updates) World time (DST supported) Coming soon.. Find hotels, hospitals and important places on road map. Ability to view temperature in Celsius Hotel reservation Automatic selection of currency in conversion tool Ability to a

World-clocks-4-in-line - 4 in line World Clocks

Gadget for your Google homepage or Google Desktop that displays four analog clocks at the times in the selected time zones or countries/cities. This gadget is especially useful when working with Globally Dispersed Teams. The clocks displayed use the free Macromedia Flash analog clocks from by Robert McCann from the 4 clocks in a square version written by Jerome Mouton.

WorldClock - World Clock Android app

World Clock Android app

world-clocks - Displays multiple world clocks for Chrome Extension

Displays multiple world clocks for Chrome Extension