World Tic Tac Toe

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The World TTT project will allow anyone in any part of the world play quot;head to headquot; multi-player Tic Tac Toe over the Internet using a web browser.



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Rayson - Java communication module for cloud computing

Rayson is a Java common communication module for cloud computing. With Rayson, we can call the remote service just using a java proxy interface, without care about any underling socket communication things. First, we define a RPC protocol interface. \t\t \t\tpublic interface DemoProtocol extends RpcProtocol \t\t{ \t\t\tpublic String echo(String message) throws NullPointerException, RpcException; \t\t}\t\t \t\t Second, we define a RPC service interface that extends the above protocol interface. \

Gcog - generate code with inlined Groovy code

IntroductionGenerate code with inlined Groovy code. Original idea and code from the Cog code generation tool. SyntaxThe syntax is mostly the same as cog (see for description). ...//[[[gcog outl("Hello World!") ]]]Hello World!//[[[end]]]...Example Usage with AntHere is a build.xml-snippet which runs gcog for all java sources containing the keyword [[[cog : <!-- don't forget to put groovy and gcog on run.classpath -->\t<fileset id="myfiles" dir=".">\t\t<include na

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AS3 Package: com.python.rpc.xmlrpcThe AS3 package com.python.rpc.xmlrpc contains classes for easy access of python services provided by python's SimpleXMLRPCServer implementation. The provided example is based upon tutorial: "Put a Flex UI on your application" by Bruce Eckel ( published at: \t\t\t Requires:AS3 package com.ak33m.rpc.xmlrpc.XMLRPCObject (Google code project: as3-rpclib), see Co

Nxcc - a tiny , fast , c script virtual machine

What is nxcc?1.\tit's a tiny script compiler and virtual machine2.\tc-liked script with ‘class’3.\teasy to be embeded4.\talso,it's not memory-safe and type-safe language...Hello world!#!/usr/local/bin/nxccapi printf(fmt,...);func main(argc,argv){\tprintf("hello,world!\"); ///classic ...}___eof___;///optional ...funny feature1.'::' is allowed inside identifier name ...\tvar aaa::bbb;\tfunc TTT::do_sth(a,b,...){}\tconst ccc::d123 = 0;2.type-name is just a name for class-method/member accessing

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SpinetailA rapid-web-application-prototyping framework in javascript DocumentationAboutPlease read the README Spinetail is a lightweight javascript framework designed to help developers quickly and easily create working prototypes of web applications. Unlike other javascript frameworks Spinetail is not designed to be secure, robust or comprehensive. Instead Spinetail has no external dependencies, is small, fast, easy to learn, easy to use and easy to setup. With Spinetail you don't need to spend

Gwt-ws - WebSockets for GWT

WebSockets for GWTThis project is intended to create a bit more than just a simple implementation of the html5 websocket-standard for gwt. Indeed there is just a plain implementation you are free to use, just take a look in the "de.csenk.gwtws.client.js" subpackage. But why use just plain websockets? There are several drawbacks like you are only be able to transmit UTF-8 strings through the websocket connection. Inspired by the project gwt-ws provides some high level funct

Key-watcher - Simple key typing sequence detection for Flash Actionscript 3.

KeyWatcherSimple monitoring for user key input and sequence detection. Calls a given function as soon as it detects a registered key input sequence. Easy definition of keyinput to watch for with Strings ("start"), keyCodes (Ky.ESC, Ky.RETURN) or both (["start", Ky.RETURN, "end"]) Fork at Github Usage\tKeyWatcher.alwaysFocus(this.stage);\t// solves flash focus loosing problem :) \t\tvar watcher:KeyWatcher = new KeyWatcher(this.stage);\"start", myStartFunction);\t// calls 'myStartFu

Cocoasmugmug - An Objective-C wrapper for the SmugMug photo service APIs

CocoaSmugMug 1.2An Objective-C wrapper for the SmugMug 1.2 photo service APIs Release: v1.2 (initial release) Author: Chris Beauvois License: MIT Getting StartedDevelopment Requirements OS X 10.4.x/10.5.x Cocoa.framework /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.x.dylib (ships with OS X 10.4/5, include in your Xcode project under "Frameworks") SmugMug provides four choices of response formats: REST, JSON, PHP, and XML-RPC (default is REST). CocoaSmugMug delegates parsing responses through a simple protocol that yo

Libgdx-tween-studio - A complete visual editor for animating objects in libgdx-powered projects

IntroductionTweenStudio is a library that enables you to create animations and motions (aka "Tweens") with a visual editor. It is currently in an alpha phase. You won't find a lot of information here, so I strongly encourage you to go look at the provided example. Play with the test executable, and look at its code ;) Just click on your game render to update the target values of a motion, you don't need to use the spinners, that's the strength of the tool. Next revision will go a lot deeper in d