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Worklog allows you to track the work you do in various projects and tasks within them. You define projects and tasks, and then file progress reports on tasks as you go along. Monitors time remaining on tasks and projects.



Related Projects

Timelet - A tool for tracking work distribution of a project

TimeletTimelet is a tiny (but yet functional) tool for tracking work distribution of a project. It has the following functionalities: User accounts/authentication. Each project member can maintain his or her worklog by entering worklog entries. Personal work distribution report. The weekly time worked by each project member can be seen from the report. Cumulative work distribution by category report. It currently lacks some features like Users can't edit their worklog Only one project Localizati

Timereporter - Rails based online timesheets application system. Multi client, project and users.

Rails based online timesheets application system. Multi client, project and users.For some introduction, use the Flash the demo on the right side of the page.

Ruby-quick-work-log - A simple worklog script to log your work.

This is a simple ruby script for work log. It saves your log in a file.Based on idea invent by Joshua Fitzgerald, 7/2005.

Mashup-telecomliu-worklog - WorkLog

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Quicklog - Quicklog is a small worklog log inspired from a Lifehacker post.

Quicklog was born out of a post on Lifehacker about a simple text file to keep track of your work progress and what you're working on. I did version 0.1 about a year ago, but it was horrible and needed a lot of work. Going through the Lifehacker Archives I remembered the post and decided I wanted to totally reprogram it using PHP and Ajax. About a day of work and Quicklog 1.0 (I know I skipped the 0.0 versions). I posted the link on the original Lifehacker post. Lifehacker Post


Teamwork is an integrated, web based work management solution built purely in Java on the Hibernate persistence layer. It integrates project, time and worklog management. Import/export from MS-Project, Basecamp and Outlook/Icalendar SVN amp; Tweet synch.

Calportal - the Cal portal

an alternative to bSpace. Design doc / Worklog here: Design Doc

Work-log - Simple work journal useful for people working on more projects simultaneously

Work-log is an application based on Netbeans Platform, where you can record information about worked hours, where, what, etc. on simultaneously running projects.