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Workingcopy TU

Some ad hoc utility code to simplify functional testing. It's a public snapshot of a private project, probably only interesting to people who find my jar-files.

Treetrim - Trims source code trees

Tree TrimThis is a command line tool that trims your source code tree. It removes debug files, source control bindings, and temporary files. An example would be: treetrim.console.exe c:\\my\\tree -deletefromdisk This would delete the debug files and folders in c:\\my\\tree Updates: v.1.0.1 Includes a 'show in explorer' plugin which opens up an Explorer window showing the output of the previous plugin. The shell's context menu entries are now written to the correct key in the registry. Thanks to

working-copy - Arduino libraries and code

Arduino libraries and code


SVN-Util is a small but useful shell script to simplify some operations on SVN working-copies.

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