Work2Go: Workflow Manager

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Work2Go is a workflow and ticket manager for low end and middle market use, written in Ruby language and using the Ruby on Rails framework.



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LibreOffice - The Document foundation

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. LibreOffice is the perfect choice for home users, businesses, government and other organizations. It's native file format is the ISO standardized ODF (Open Document Format), but LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as many other formats, bringing you the widest-available compatibility with other products.


A free ActionScript 3 library designed for developing 2D Flash games. It provides you with a fast, clean framework to prototype and develop your games in. This means that most of the dirty work (timestep, animation, input, and collision to name a few) is already coded for you and ready to go, giving you more time and energy to concentrate on the design and testing of your game.

Apclolz - year 2 api

We're near release date people! Just a few more days of bugfixes till all systems are go!!! Good work Konstantins >;3

Simplesamlphp - An authentication framework for PHP. Focus on SAML 2.0.

A PHP implementation of SAML 2.0 service provider and identity provider functionality. And is also compatible with Shibboleth 1.3 and 2.0. Go to the simpleSAMLphp project page for more information and documentation This work is licensed under a Creative Commons GNU Lesser General Public License License.

Goprotobuf - Go support for Google protocol buffers

This package provides Go support, in the form of a library and protocol compiler plugin, for Google's protocol buffers. (RPC is not supported.) To install it, you must first have Go (version 1) installed (see Next, install the standard protocol buffer implementation from; you must be running version 2.3 or higher. Finally run go get{proto,protoc-gen-go}to install the support library and protocol comp

Medical-key - medical scheduling software

It's a medical scheduling and appointment software that are going to be made, by now, by Diogo, two brazilians and participants of the brazilian version of microsoft program called s2b - Student to business. I hope you guys enjoy the project, because we'll work hard on it! thanks for coming.

Spirng-aop-example - How to use @Configurable for dependency injection in Spring

This is only an example application to show how AOP can be used for weaving dependencies at runtime with Spring and Aspectj. This app illustrate how to get going using maven, all the depencies you need for weaving and how to configure aspectj-maven-plugin to work with the latest 2.5.4 Spring relase.

Ooo2gd - Export your documents to Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV servers from

AddOn for (and LibreOffice) to export documents to Google Docs, Zoho & WebDAV servers created by Przemysław Rumik Short description and help for OOo2GD here Ubuntu 9.10 users, please read #7 on KnownIssues. Mac OS X users, please read MacOS_Support (it worked with OS X 10.4 aka Tiger, now it doesn't work because Apple changed something in theirs Java, and now any of Java extensions for doesn't work). If you have problems with OOo2GD create Issue or go to my Google Profile

Goraphing - Reads a JSON data file and creates a simple graph data structure.

Reads a JSON data file and creates simple directed graphs in memory. After creating the graphs in memory, a Breadth First Search is performed to find the shortest paths from each vertex to the specified node. At present the search graph and vertex are specified in code (this will be changed to be an option). To build (with a working current version of Go), check out the source then build and run as follows: make goraph && ./goraphThe output will include Paths for directed-vv1: v0 v2 total 2v0: v

Psyngear - Perl multi-platform program for Philips GoGear HDD0xx MP3 Players

DescriptionPerl multi-platform gui to add/remove tracks to your Philips GoGear HDD0xx MP3 Player or other similar Philips GoGear MP3 Players which use the sqlite 2 database to store information about the songs. UpdatesAs of 10.03.2007 I no longer have the time to continue work on PSynGear. As it stands the current revision (v5) is working correctly however certain components lack functionality such as the progress bar, however you should be able to use it successfully to manage any Phillips GoGe