C# Word Searcher

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C# project that finds valid words in bookworm/king.com style word search puzzles.




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Backword - A Firefox Extension helps people learning languages

*Translate an English word into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional or Simplified Chinese when mouse cursor hovers over it.*With one click, remember all context of the word, such as URL of the page and the paragraph which the word belongs to.*Get Pronunciation of the word with a flash.*Write a note for the word.*Search more explanation of the word with one click.


jsWordsearch is a word search puzzle generator that's written in JavaScript and is playable through your web browser. You use your own words and have many options to choose from, including size, color, word direction, shape, and more.

Wordsearch-android - WordSearch for Android

a word search game for android currently in the market as "Open WordSearch"

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This project's purpose is to provide Google gadgets that embody full wordsearch games so that way JavaScript and CSS can be used within the HTML (such as classes).

Magellantools - Educational tools and features

In any class there will always be people who will not pay attention to what is happening. In order to increase interest in the class we, Team Magellan, decided to create a web application which will facilitate learning. We plan to do this by using course material (which can be uploaded by a teacher) to create a variety of games. Currently we plan to have Bingo, word searches, and crosswords, though in the future we may increase the selection. The idea here is that we will use these games to keep

Crosswordyalpha - This is a word search and crossword puzzle generator.

CrosswordYalpha is a word search and Crossword puzzle generator. It will take user input for words or load an external word list. It will be able to export the puzzles in multiple formats.

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