Windows 8 app for Wordpress

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Windows 8 starter kit that help's you to create your wordpress' blog application



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Infomoz-glossario - Wordpress plugin to show definition of terms, using Javascript effects

This project will create a wordpress plugin to show definition of terms, using Javascript tooltip effects. I'm going to using some scritps of another plugins, like IMM-Glossary, Sociable and other Javascript scripts. This Plugin will be Wordpress 2.8+ and Wordpress MU compatible. Wordpress MU users will have to change some parts of code to get it work at 100% Support us: Instructions and usage guide:

Wp-litterbox - Litterbox Wordpress theme, an evolutioned Sandbox 1.6

Litterbox it's an evolution from the Sandbox Wordpress theme, and it's developed in it's own spirit, but considerating all the Wordpress 2.8 features that aren't present in the last version of Sandbox. From Sandbox webpage: The Sandbox is a powerful tool available for Wordpress theme designers and developers. The Sandbox can be easily designed just with CSS, so beginners will feel comfortable not bothering with PHP. Experienced developers and designers can accomplish almost anything with minimal

Firsttuesdayamericas - First Tuesday Americas

Conjunto de plugins, themes y widgets de Wordpress Mu 2.8.4 y BuddyPress 1.1.3 para el sitio web de First Tuesday Americas

Web Slices and Accelerators in PHP

This is a tutorial on how to create Web Slices and Accelerators for Internet Explorer 8. Included are Web Slices examples and sample code for MediaWiki, Wordpress and Facebook. The project also contains a brief introduction to Accelerators and provides associated sample code.

Wpactivepreview - Active Preview Plugin for Wordpress

Please visit for all your active preview updates and downloadsWe are going to suspend use of the google code site until we determine the wordpress plugin site doesn't supply the functionality we need. Old page infoThis project is a wordpress plugin that provides the ability for users to preview a post or page and view in real-time the changes they are making to the page within the full context of their theme. Check out the Wordpress Plugin site

Ed2k-link-selector - eD2k Link Selector PHP Class (With JavaScript)

eD2k Link Selector PHP Class (With JavaScript) PHP Class 简体中文 WordPress Plugin 支�简体中文��体中文�英文�法文 Discuz! Plugin 目�支� Discuz! X2 简体中文GBK版和UTF-8版 phpwind Plugin 目�支� phpwind 8.7 简体中文UTF-8版

Wp-su-plugin - Gives an active StumbleUpon icon for your WordPress

DescriptionThis StumbleUpon WordPress plugin: Shows an indicator for all the links on your site (gray=not submitted, green=submitted) Has a function you can include in your sidebar or under your posts to submit this permalink to SU, it includes an indication If it is already in SU AND how many reviews it had until now. Has a widget DownloadThe latest version can always be found here: It is NOT SVN-ed on Google Code! (needs to find

Pdfwp - A CGI program for rendering PDF documents from WordPress posts

At current stage, only simplified and traditional Chinese (and of cause English) PDF and LaTeX source files are generated, however, you can add your own languages by changing settings in the configuration section of source code. System requirement: Encoding of WP tables in database has to be UTF-8 Utilities: latex, pdflatex, iconv(convertion between UTF-8 and GBK/Big5) and zh-autoconvert (for convertion between S.Chinese and T.Chinese) LaTeX packages: CJK, amssymb, amsmath, indentfirst, hyperref

Mrclay - Steve Clay's classes, functions, snippets, and whatzits

See also: mrclay on GitHub Most everything here is in the trunk. PHP StuffMostly DOM-based "AutoP" implementation like WordPress's wpautop() but more resilient and with a better test suite. WordPress menu filter. (article) Zend Helper for rendering a MegaMenu with greater control of markup. (article) Sendmail Filter for limiting mail() to a whitelist of addresses on a dev server Tamper-proof cookie storage (demo, encrypted demo) Simpler FirePHP-like logging via Zend Framework. (article) UTF8 Str