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Arabic version of WordPress bloging software.



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Wordpress-draugiem-lapas-fani-plugin - biznesa lapu sekot�ju WordPress spraudnis ir par biznesa lapu sekot�ju WordPress spraudnis ir paredzēts tiem īpašniekiem, kuriem ir m�jas lapas vai blogs ir veidots uz WordPress platformas. WordPress spraudnis par�da nosaukumu, aprakstu, lietot�jus, to skaitu, logo un iespēju kļūt par lapas fanu. Parametri: Gaidīšu arī lietot�ju ieteikumus, koment�rus kļūdu paziņojumus ieteikumi(

project-ar2 - Free WordPress magazine theme. Arras 2.0.

Free WordPress magazine theme. Arras 2.0.

Getting-started-with-rabbitmq - Getting Started With RabbitMQ in .net

The getting started section of the RabbitMQ website is actually very good, it explains the concepts in a very easy to understand format. The only downside for me(being a .net coder) was the lack of .net code in the examples, I thought it would be probably added at a later date but I just checked back and it still doesn't(as of now) exist. This is the DotNet version of these examples. Walkthrough of all these examples are available on my blog Original examples ar

Clusterengine - CluE: An HTTPD for clusters

The goal of CluE (Cluster Engine) project is to create a scalable web service running on clusters. Processes on different nodes of clusters talk to each other by MPI (Message Passing Interface). This project is written in C to avoid overhead and to approach maximum efficiency. CluE can also be run on shared memory multi-CPU architects or single CPU machines, as long as MPI is installed. Features:Static file service CGI (GET and POST methods) FastCGI PHP (via FastCGI) Directory indexing (items ar

Armonkeykit - Augmented Reality Toolkit enabling the use of jMonkeyEngine

ARMonkeyKit is a framework which draws on the power of NyARToolKit and jMonkeyEngine to enable fast prototyping of Augmented Reality applications in the JAVA programming language. The framework aims to provide a single point of entry into the underlying technologies, greatly reducing the amount of code which is required from the developer. A number of examples are provided in the source code, with commenting to show how to create your own Augmented Reality application using the framework, a more

Porpoise - Point-of-Interest server for Layar

PorPOISe for LayarPortable Point-of-Interest Server for Layar Administrative contactJens de Smit, IntroductionPorPOISe is a server for Layar clients. It converts your data sets of POIs (Points of Interest) into responses to the Layar client. Things like JSON formatting and distance calculation are all done for you. PorPOISe supports XML files and SQL databases as data stores. Getting startedRead InstallationInstructions for installation instructions. Once properly installed, you c

Es-wordpress - WordPress en Español

TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL FORMAL DE WORDPRESSTraducciones de la Plataforma de WordPress al Español Formal. WORDPRESS 3.1.1 ESPAÑOL FORMALRealizado por Reyson, basada en la traducción de WordPress 3.1 que anteriormente publicamos. Publicado: 06 de Abril de 2011 Nombre y Versión del ProyectoTraducciones de WordPress al Español Formal por Reyson's (WordPress es_XX) Reyson's WordPress - WordPress 3.1 es_XX Español Formal (WordPress 3.1) WordPress PE: Traducciones Anterio

Pristine1them-ar - Pristine1.0 WP theme arabized by

ستايل Pristine1.0 معرب من تعريب زياد برو لمدونة الوردبريس wordpress أتمنى لكم تجربة رائعة.. للملاحظات على الستايل راسلوني على إيميل

Wordpress-es-xx - Traducciones de Wordpress 2.2 al español, con versiones para regionalismos

Nuestro objetivo es traducir WordPress 2.2 y futuras versiones al español, con versiones formales, informales y con regionalismos, bajo la licencia GPL y proporcionando el código a quien desee colaborar con la regionalización de la traducción. Hemos incluído una página con una sencilla y gratuita herramienta para modificar los archivos .pot, la localizas en la página del wiki Herramientas Por que? porque Fichero es correcto, pero aséptico. Después de todo en algunas regiones les llamamo

jigoshop-ars-currency - Jigoshop ARS Currency - Wordpress Plugin

Jigoshop ARS Currency - Wordpress Plugin