Retargetable MS Word format converter

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word2x is a multiple target format MS word binary format document extracter. There 0.00x releases are miantance releases for those that want a working version and 2.0 will be a major code cleanup (and bug squashing) release. src2class is a build tool fo



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xFarDic Multilingual Dictionary

xFarDic is a comprehensive and feature rich dictionary software developed using wxGTK, GTK2 and libxml2 for GNU/Linux. Features: Word navigator, history box, pronunciation, memorization tool, auto-click and translate, spell checker, reverse search and...

Pandoc - General Markup Converter

Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It an convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, or LaTeX to HTML formats, Word processor formats, PDF and other markup formats.

LaTeX to RTF converter

LaTeX to RTF convertor that handles equations, figures, and cross-refe

LibreOffice - The Document foundation

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. LibreOffice is the perfect choice for home users, businesses, government and other organizations. It's native file format is the ISO standardized ODF (Open Document Format), but LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as many other formats, bringing you the widest-available compatibility with other products.


KFileReplace is a KDE utility ti replace strings (text expressions) inside all files of a directory. Is includes very powerful jokers options (* for words, ? for characters). Ready for KDE 1.x and 2.0

Web2x Publishing

Web2x is a new semantic publishing tool built on WordPress blogger. Web2x publishes specific types of information like experiment and product in HTML and RDF, making data sharing and searching more efficient.

Wordml2latex - WordML2LaTeX is a Python tool that translates Word 2003 XML into LaTeX.

WordML2LaTeX is a Python tool that translates Word 2003 XML into LaTeX.

Nuc2wp - Nucleus to WordPress Importer

An import script for WordPress 2.x to import categories, authors, posts, comments and (optionally) links and tags from an existing Nucleus CMS installation.

docx2tex: Word 2007 to TeX

Docx2tex is a small command line tool that uses standard technologies to help users of Word 2007 to publish publications where typography is relevant or only papers produced by TeX are accepted. Behind the scenes, docx2tex uses common technologies to interpret Word 2007 OOXML ...

Pytexipng - Creates a png image from a LaTeX formula using a nice GTK gui.

It can convert a LaTeX formula into a png image file that can be used on any WYSIWYG word processor application as Writer, Abiword or KWord. Requirements: This application requires GTK+ version 2.6.x. Other dependencies include: pyGTK dvipng Some LaTeX distribution as TeTeX, MikTeX or LaTeXLive