WordToPDF SharePoint Feature

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WordToPDF SharePoint Feature. Please find helpfile in attachment.




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Pandoc - General Markup Converter

Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It an convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, or LaTeX to HTML formats, Word processor formats, PDF and other markup formats.


Pdf2Rtf provides the much awaited conversion from PDF to Word documents.

Jtextextract - Text extraction from MS-Office pre-2007 (Word, PPT, XLS), MS-Visio, MS-Office-2007 (d

Allows developer to extract text from multiple format files such as MS-Office pre-2007 (Word, PPT, XLS), MS-Visio, MS-Office-2007 (docx, pptx,xlsx), PDF, RTF, XML, HTML, Text etc. Usage scenarios: 1. Use this library to extract text from multiple format files such as MS-Office pre-2007 (Word, PPT, XLS), MS-Visio, MS-Office-2007 (docx, pptx,xlsx), PDF, RTF, XML, HTML, Text etc. and then pass the text to indexing engine such as Lucene for indexing and search across attachments later 2. Extract tex

Template2pdf - Modules to render tRML template to PDF

template2pdf -- Converts tRML template to PDFfor old django_trml2pdf, see http://code.google.com/p/template2pdf/wiki/django_trml2pdf 日本語�情報�� アクセンス・テクノロジー����ページ (http://omake.accense.com/wiki/template2pdf) �掲載�����。 Important: django_trml2pdf will be replaced with template2pdf.django in next release. APIs are subject to change. Great thanks to: The ReportLab Project, for providing handy PDF interface to Python: http://www.r

Short-translate - Translate, add and go !

Dictionary that gives words translations that can be added to a word list and exported to PDF. Project contains usage of : - Maven - Apache Wicket Web Framework : - Drop Down Choice - List View - Text Field - Action Panel - Button - Download Link - Mongo DB through Mongo Labs - Jasper Reports through Dynamic Jasper Build and Run : 1) mvn clean install 2) mvn jetty:run 3) browse http://localhost:8080/shorttranslate/


WP2PDF is a script that converts the content of one or more entries of the Blog-Software WordPress to PDF. It is based on FPDF, a free PDF library and written in PHP. It requires a working WordPress installation and PHP 4.x

Lrf-epub-tools - Convert LRF (Sony BeBB) files to EPUB, PDF, RTF, and HTML. Also converts PDF and DO

Track info about this at forum http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28707 Usage: java -Xms200M -Xmx300M -jar LRFTools-vx.y.z.jar action (params) Note: Java VM gets 200MB minimun, 300 maximun memory to work. If you plan to convert only a few books, you can reduce significantly these values (40,60). Actions: 1) convertLRF dir (-d dirOut |-z zipfile) (-XML|-PDF|-RTF|-HTML|-EPUB) (options) \t Converts to XML, PDF, RTF and/or HTML every LRF file in 'dir' recursively. You can specify more

Rst2pdf - Tool for transforming reStructuredText to PDF using ReportLab

ContentsContentsIntroductionTry it OnlineInstallationFeaturesScreenshotChanges IntroductionThe usual way of creating PDF from reStructuredText is by going through LaTeX. This tool provides an alternative by producing PDF directly using the ReportLab library. Here is some sample output, the beginning of "The Count of Montecristo". Here you can see some large documents rendered with rst2pdf:Rst2pdf 0.16 is out! The Python Documentation Some Manuals There is a book typeset with rst2pdf Try it Onlin

Notespot - program to allow user to take notes from reading material or audio material and organize

The program main objectives: 1- Take the notes 2- Organize the note 3- Retrieve the note 4- Special functions 1- Taking the note : The program will allow user to take notes from reading materials such as word documents or PDF files or web pages.. And also the user can add his own notes so to be easy to remember. The program is able to open the word or Pdf document so user will select the paragraph from it and put it in his notes store. The program takes automatically the date of the note and the

Sa2proviamo - A provisioning software written in PHP to manage and configure (thru provision) PAP2 A

A provisioning software written in PHP to manage and configure (thru provision) PAP2 ATAs. It combines a MySQL DB to dynamically provision ATAs. It does it all thru a simple PHP interface protected with authentication and rights level. With proviamo you can Export/Import (Word, Excel, CSV, PDF), Print and etc. It selects all the settings thru the device MAC, showing the location, so choose your location field well. Now it's pretty "rough" because it was an internal program, so only tech people w

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