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Wooky is a free tile map editor for the creation of tile based games.




Related Projects

Apache Rave - Rave is a widgets-based, web-and-social mashup engine

Rave is a widgets-based, web-and-social mashup engine

Wookie - A modular social networking site engine

WookieMostly working the docs for this. Wookie is a Social Networking site engine done in Python, designed to have minimal dependacies. It is largely meant to be a proof of concept project at the most. To accomplish this, we will work to get as much out and done as quickly as possible. If it does fail, we should try to know about it, as decently and as quickly as possibly. While the actual initial versions will not look pretty at all, the design of Wookie will be made to be a strong backend and

P2P WIKI - collaborative edition

WOOKI is a peer-to-peer wiki. It based on unstructured p2P network with data replication. WOOT framework synchronizes data. SWOOKI is a semantic extenion of WOOKI. It is implemented as a plugin of WOOKI. SWOOKI is peer-to-peer semantic wiki.

Wookiewiki - a personal wiki

WookieWiki is a personal wiki with a dynamic Javascript-based UI and a manageable Ruby On Rails backend. DetailsSpecial Features Desktop mode! (Draggable pages) AJAX editing interface Revision Tracking AJAX file and image uploads Keyboard shortcuts (Alt-W to close) To Do Open external links inside the wiki resizing pages. tiling pages. RSS feeds out RSS feeds in LicenseWookieWiki code has an GPL License. It's based on SoloWiki coded by Josh Goebel and released under GPL. SoloWiki is adapted from

Cg1-project-wookies - Computer Graphics 1 programming project Summer 2008.

This is a programming project for the course Computer Graphics 1 of the University of applied Arts and Sciences Hannover. It consists of basic OpenGL programming and scene construction.

JabberWookie Jabber Library for Java

Yet another Jabber library, written in Java (to the 1.1 spec). The goal of which is to be as simple to use and understand as possible. (Depends on the SSTTR Java Library).

Basiclti4wookie - IMS BasicLTI adapter code for Apache Wookie

Provides adapter code for connecting Apache Wookie to systems using IMS Basic LTI; this enables VLEs/LMSs to use W3C Widgets served by Apache Wookie. For more information on Apache Wookie see http://incubator.apache.org/wookie For more information on IMS Basic LTI see http://groups.google.com/group/ims-dev To use this adapter, add BasicLTIServlet.java to your Apache Wookie src tree, and add the following to web.xml: \t<servlet> \t\t<description></description> \t\t<display-name>LTI</display-name>

Groovy-option-parser - GOP -- groovy option parser. A command line option parsing alternative to Cli

Groovy Option ParserGOP is a command line option parsing alternative to CliBuilder. I wrote GOP for a couple reasons: Needed a small project to learn groovy Replicate the option parsing behaviour of the excellent Ruby library, clip. Clip makes it simple to define options and simple to use the parsed parameters. CliBuilder is confusing and made me think too hard An example is the easiest explanation def parser = new org.computoring.gop.Parser(description: "An example parser demonstrating the feat