Wars of Destiny

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WoD is a 3D gaming platform built on top of SDL. The platform includes dynamic scripting for the game engine, AI, widgets(for game settings and others), configurations, and so on. Eventually a test game will be built to show off WoD.




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Jqueryformstyle - jQuery Implementation of formStyle

Style checkboxes and radio buttons with this simple jQuery plugin. Allows replacement of browser specific checkbox/radio button styles with div tags styled using CSS. Based on the progressive enhancement methodology it reverts to a basic list when javascript is not available, and depending on how you configure your CSS does the same when no CSS is available (a rare but possible occurrence) Based on the javascript implementation of formStyle: http://dxdec.com/wod/formstyle/index.html

Nwod-mux-dice - nWOD MUX Dice Roller

fully functional nWOD dice roller code for mux

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SummaryWOGWT is a WebObjects framework that provides everything needed for integration with GWT (Google Web Toolkit). GWT allows you to write java code that is compiled into static javascript and runs inside your WebObjects pages. WOGWT is an alternative to (or compliment to!) the Ajax.framework in Project Wonder. GWT is basically an AJAX framework in the end. GWT is different than other AJAX frameworks in this way: rather than providing lots of canned functionality GWT enables you, an average j

Wodch - WoD Combat Helper

Lets you build a database of two armies made up of WoD character sheets. Automates the handling of Rage, Gnosis, Willpower, and wound levels. Assists in picking stats for combat actions. Built-in dice roller. Changelogv1.0a Fixed bugs in the Rollers v0.98a Finished Quick Ref Added Initiative Roller v0.97a Improved the usability and readability of the roller (Please give feedback on this) Added the Quick Ref tool (incomplete) Improved GUI behavior when resizing windows Fixed a bug regarding impor

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