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wnd is a python only win32 api framework focussing on GUI developement on win98/XP platforms.




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Handy 1..12 LPT port pins manager. Manual direction by keyboard or mouse. Automatic direction by Script or Music Visualization (for 1..12 LEDs). VIS plugin for Winamp, WMP and AIMP2 is available. Access to LPT-port in any Windows 98/Me/2k/XP/Vista/7.

Gwt-object-exporter - share the gwt object between two widget

GWT Object Exporter is support to share the gwt object between two widget in one page. It export a gwt object to a javaScriptObject . and import a javaScriptObject to a gwt object. we know gwt JSNI can only use Element and javaScriptObject . gwt object exporter try to export a gwt object to javaScriptObject . so you can send this javaScriptObject to JSNI. than get the javaScriptObject with JSNI and you can import the javaScriptObject to gwt object. then you can use this gwt object at all modules

Jaspproject - RIA .NET Framework library

JaspJasp (JavaScript Active Server Page) -- is a component for building rich web-interface using Microsoft .NET Framework, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Jasp is provided as source code that you can use "as is" or customize for your applications. It is written in C# and compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher and Mono project. Jasp is focused on simplifying development, which actively using CSS and JavaScript. Each control or page is closely related to the client and server side. Controls can i

Asciipumper - An IRC ascii art editor.

Ascii Pumper by Lampiasis <lampiasis@dvolker.com> http://code.google.com/p/asciipumper/ IRCPumpnet irc.pp4l.info #chilled #penispump Efnet #pp4l Ascii Pumper colorizes ascii art with mIRC color codes. DOWNLOAD: Windows binaries, installer and source code: http://asciipumper.googlecode.com/files/AsciiPumper_1_1_0_1.rar (Scroll down for another screenshot) LATEST VERSIONLatest release version: IMPORTANTThis program requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to run. You can get .net framework 2 on win

Gems-gwt-user - gems modifications to the gwt user library

What is in this release?This release includes a couple of bug fixes and enhancements:- changed visibility of RemoteServiceServlet::isImplementedRemoteServiceInterface() method from private to protected- added RemoteServiceServlet::getObjectToInvokeServiceIntfMethodOn() method to enable StrutsAction style pluggability- changed RemoteServiceServlet::processCall() method to get target from getObjectToInvokeServiceIntfMethodOn()- added dblclick support to DOMImplIE6::init() to avoid double clicks fr

mavjuz WndLpt

WndLpt manages 12 LPT port pins in strict accordance with the scenario (or script). It is useful to facilitate the automatic control LEDs, relays or other devices connected to the port. LEDs can be connected directly to the LPT communication port.

Wnd-dorm - Student hostel management system for NIIT WND

Student hostel management system for NIIT WND

Cmdwnd - OCX Control Windows DOS

An OCX control for runing DOS command under windows platform.

Wnd-charm - Multi-purpose image classification and pattern recognition tool

WND-CHARM is a multi-purpose image classifier that can be applied to a wide variety of image classification tasks without modifications or fine-tuning, and yet provides classification accuracy comparable to state-of-the-art task-specific image classifiers. Wndchrm can extract up to ~3,000 generic image descriptors (features) including polynomial decompositions, high contrast features, pixel statistics, and textures. These features are derived from the raw image, transforms of the image, and comp