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Related Projects

WebMatrix helpers from old school teachings

Remember when the web was fun? Well it's back with WebMatrix. We are providing just a few minor helper extensions with a sample app that should help Neo on his quest to be one with the Matrix.


Penguin Publish is a Webmatrix 2.0 extension for publishing your website via SFTP. It is available only in HTML and PHP projects.

Build n Deploy for Webmatrix

Run your own scripts/ executables for building code, optimizing files and/or deploying your website content to folders or any kind of processing.


Autobiography 0.5.2 - Latest Version WebMatrix extension that stores a local history of files as you save them. Similar to local history in Eclipse.

WebMatrix-2 - Extensions for WebMatrix 2

Extensions for WebMatrix 2

WebMatrixExtension - The Umbraco Extension for WebMatrix 2

The Umbraco Extension for WebMatrix 2


A kinect extension for webmatrix. you can use this extension to launch webpages in the browser


OrangeBits is a WebMatrix extension that automatically compiles LESS, SaSS, and CoffeeScript