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Related Projects

Msnplussounds - The emesene Plus Sounds project

Here is the homepage of the emesene Plus Sounds project. My emesene plugin continued by John and Dark Prince. I'll try to take here (in the wiki) the documentation about msn sounds. Emesene Plus Sounds Plugin : This plugin allow you to receive and send MSN+ Sounds over the WLM network (compatible only with this plugin active on distant emesene client and with distant official WLM with Live Messenger Plus Add-On) (I'm not english, if it look bad, tell me, i'll correct)

Php-msn-project - Object-Oriented MSN Messenger (WLM) client written in PHP

php-msn-project is an Object-Oriented MSN Messenger framework that can handle multiple threads, events. With this class you can easily create an MSN bot or IM oriented services

Androim - Generic IM client for Android platform

A modularized application that allow the use of multiple networks trought a plugin system. If you want to have a look on the source code, use the link on the SVN repository, on the right menu.

Galoula-messenger-http - Galoula Messenger HTTP

This code is designed to work only on HTTP and HTTPS directly with Microst MSN servers. No gateway can read your login and password, like most actual android Applications.

Msnverpatch - MSN 7.5 Version Patch

Makes MSN Messenger 7.5 work without the need to update do Windows Live Messenger. This simply updates the version from 7.5.XXXX to 9.9.9999, making it think it's already up to date. Works with any MSN Messenger 7.5, even modified ones.

athdrvrs - Patched Atheros driver for Toshiba WLM-20u2

Patched Atheros driver for Toshiba WLM-20u2

Kosovas- - msn_msn

#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <windows.h> #include <commdlg.h> #include "winmain.h" int main (char szArgs, int argc) { char szFileMAX_PATH; // Copyright // textbackground (0); textcolor (7); printf ("MSN Messenger 7.0 Version Patch\\r\"); printf ("Makes MSN Messenger 7.5 work without updating to crappy WLM.\\r\"); printf ("(C) 2007 - tester001\\r\"); // Do the job // if (GetMSNFile (szFile, sizeof (szFile))) PatchFile (szFile); els

WLM - Wiki Loves Monuments Russia

Wiki Loves Monuments Russia

wlm - Wiki Loves Monuments data recovery

Wiki Loves Monuments data recovery