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Linux perl / gtk utility to select and connect to wireless networks




Related Projects


Freifunk-Firmware is a specialized Linux/OpenWRT distribution for LinkSys WRT54g wireless routers and similar devices. A web-based admin UI and a single firmware file for uploading will make it easy to join OLSR based WLAN community networks.


WlanChannelInfo is a dead simple UI to the Channel and Strength values in the Wlan* API newly exposed in Windows 7. I want to see what parts of the wifi spectrum were in use by my neighbors.

Airporttraffic - Utility for measuring bandwidth usage over an Airport Extreme

AirportTraffic is a simple utility that uses SNMP to communicate to an Aiport Extreme base station & retrieve WLAN bandwidth usage statistics. Please DONATE if you like this project! Current features include: Status Menu Based UI Total gigs transferred (up/down) since first execution of app Current Up/Down transfer rates Persists totals between executions of the app using a .dat file

Androidome - android based monome emulator

Androidome is a android-based emulator for the monome music making device. Things it currently does (or should): Connect to Max/MSP over WLAN Respond to incoming led messages Provide multitouch input from phone to Max/MSP works with mlrV, polygome, boiingg, (hopefully many more too) Things it currently doesn't have but should eventually: nice UI Full instructions at http://ewanhemingway.co.uk/programming/androidome An early build running on a HTC Desire (Android 2.1) Available from Android Marke

wlan-ui - Tiny gtk wireless GUI

Tiny gtk wireless GUI