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Wixi is a multi-platform wiki application for the desktop. It is written in python/wxpython and does anything you might expect from a wiki application. Generating html from text is done by txt2tags, wich is simple and easy to learn.




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Wixiapi - Wixi API

Wixi is a media centric social network. This API allows developers to access user profiles, friends and media.

Luwixi - New Generation Doc Mgmt / Content Mgmt / Wiki

PurposeTo bridge the gap between wikis and shared online document repositories (eg Google docs, Central Desktop, etc), combining the latters' wysiwyg ease-of-use with the former's emphasis on creating an interconnected web of information. To extend the capabilities of a structured wiki, by including a strong Forms technology, making data items uniquely and logically referenceable, and by using strong query and update functionality. To use robust, scalable open-source technologies to take advanta

Domain-Stast-Detail - this is the project for wixi.jp company.

this is the project for wixi.jp company.

Wixi - Pure xml-based wiki CMS

(on russian yet)ОÑ�новные идеи    * проÑ�тейший базовый вариант (даже без СУБД);    * предельно легкие Ñ�траницы: приоритет отложенной загрузки (по требованию) над немедленной загрузкой или непоÑ�редÑ�твенным включением;          o поддержка Ñ�хемы рендеринга Ñ�траниц из xml Ñ� указанным xml-stylesheet.

wixy - Classical pencil-and-paper ciphers

Classical pencil-and-paper ciphers

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