Wishlist: Wish, Shop and Gift lists

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Online wish list, where people list what they want and people claim from the list. Integrating with online stores and other wishlists assists users. A high level of secrecy is desirable to maintain the mystery of presents, while still being easy to u




Related Projects

PHP Gift Registry

The Gift Registry website is a web-enabled database/wishlist allowing members to keep track of what gifts they'd like to receive and see what items other members would like to receive. Private reservations ensure gifts are not bought twice.


DiamondList is a free open source ruby on rails wishlist management program. It allows you to track one or more wishlists for one or more people, for any kind of event!

Appengine-wishlist - A family wishlist engine running on Google AppEngine.

This project implements a simple wishlist service for friends and family running on Google's AppEngine platform.

Pyxbot - Python Extensible XMPP Bot

A simple framework for a Jabber/XMPP extensible bot. FeatureWishlist

Wisher - Wishlist Engine for PHP

Simple project for a Wishlist service. Uses QCodo for modeling and code generation, development are being done in NetBeans with PHP "Early Access".

spree_wishlist - Wishlist extension for SpreeCommerce

Wishlist extension for SpreeCommerce

Filmdatabase - film database written in php and ext js

Filmdatabase written in php and extjs. Features: add several users to manage their films filter function mark films as distributed wishlist

Uclock - A clock desktop application

This clock application is Java based and is for desktop used. Some features such as flickr digit clock(clockr) and msn alarm are in wishlist.