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WISDOM is a 32-bit operating system with a primitive shell implemented. It is copyrighted under GNU/GPL license. WISDOM is also a research into the field of design of operating system. Operating System Development has been in the shadow in recent times.




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Shaastra - A search engine for documents in Sanskrit language

"Shaastra" denotes the texts of wisdom written by the sages in ancient India. This search enginge helps you search through that wisdom ( whatever part of it is in in soft copy, anyway! ). You can search through documents in Sanskrit language. The search engine is written in Java and uses Lucene.

Iching - I Ching application written in PyQt

I Ching, roughly translated as "Book of Changes", is an ancient form of Chinese divination. It has been used throughout history not only as a method of divination but also as a source of wisdom. This project has been created to help others more easily access this wisdom by providing an application that is a computerized form of this divination. The goal of this project is to provide users with the ability to do quick I Ching castings on a computer while staying consistent with the mathematical o

Wisdomgems - WisdomGems is a random quotes application

A Ruby on Rails application that maintains a database of quotes and serves random quotes in several formats, especially Facebook.

Democracia2 - Democracia 2.0 is a portal created to allow people to share, vote and create actions t

Democracia 2.0 is a portal created to allow people to share, vote and create actions to be taken by the community. The goal is to harness the power of wisdom of the crowds to select and help the best actions to become reality.

WISDOM Production Environment

The WISDOM project is a Grid based production environment used to deploy bio-informatics large scale applications.

Devwisdom - /dev/wisdom

A collection of tools we've developed for use over the years. Ruby on RailsSilverStripe IFrame module

Yzu-opera - Sharing wisdom, Flying Dreams,pythonic

1.pythonï¼´┐Żlearning 2.Multiplayer blog system: We are gonging to build a multiplayer blog system just for sharing Technology,Experience,and Inspiration。